5 Easy Steps To Choose The Best Film School In India

good film school

As teens, you are fascinated about the film, television, or entertainment industry. With time, your fascination with the entertainment industry increases when you know more about the status, popularity, and money of your favourite actor, director, or producer. 

Some of you love to be actors while some love to make films. And when it comes to making films, you need to learn filmmaking. You start looking for the best film school in India and choose the one to study filmmaking. Here are some useful steps for your support:   

1. Value location 

While choosing a film school, you should value the location. In India, you can find film schools in big cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, etc. Most students prefer the film schools located in Mumbai. It is, as they want to stay close to the film industry and be familiar with the film city while pursuing respective courses.   

2. Know about the available course options 

Different film schools offer different filmmaking courses. These courses can be short to long-term. Before taking admission into a film school, you should know the available courses in detail. While knowing the available course options, you should pay attention to the course module or structure. Try to find out whether a particular filmmaking course will make you learn every requisite skill or not.     

3. Be familiar with faculty members 

An ideal filmmaking school has a good assortment of instructors from several distinguished sections of the fraternity. The best instructors are the ones who have done filmmaking or worked as filmmakers in the film industry for years. 

While selecting the best film school, you should know about the knowledge, industry experience, and teaching style of faculty members. For this, you can talk to some students learning filmmaking at a school in your locality. .     

4. Explore about career assistance 

In the initial days after completing a course, a person has to struggle a lot to get an opportunity and establish himself or herself. Placement support or career assistance from the institute of vocational courses like filmmaking help students get a break soon after the completion of a respective course. 

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You need to find whether a film school is offering career assistance after course completion or not. If not, you should move ahead and find and enrol into the film school that offers placement support. It will be beneficial for you. 

5. Know about alumni   

Tracking the record of a film school can help you choose the best one to study filmmaking. For this, try to know students of the previous batches and find out what they are doing now. You should find out what work they are doing and what status they have in the film, television, or entertainment industry they have now. You can go through the alumni page of the institute and try to know the names mentioned there. 


Filmmaking is a good career option. You can learn filmmaking from a good film school. And in selecting the best film school for your study, you should keep location, course options, alumni, career assistance, and faculty members in mind. You will do better after your course completion from a good film school.