6 easy steps for a Skincare routine

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At any age you are present, you need a proper skincare routine to get a flawless, clear, and glowing skin. If you are a teenager, and you haven’t started to do a skincare routine, then you should start right away. For your skin, a skincare routine is very important before you put on makeup and kick-start your day. In this blog, we are discussing 6 easy steps for a skincare routine for every kind of skin, whether you have normal skin, dry skin, or oily skin.

Know Your Skin Type

In a skincare routine, the first step is you should about your skin type. This step is very helpful in deciding on your skincare products. Skin type is generalized mainly in 5 skin types – oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin.

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Cleansing is very important for the skin. It cleanses all the oil, sweat, dirt, and all other impurities from your skin. It clears all your pores and makes you feel fresh. Your hands should be clean before applying cleanser to stop excess dirt from entering your face. Regardless of your skin or your cleanser generally, you should apply upward in a circular motion on your face.


In the beginning, you may feel toning is not necessary for your skin. But this is not the truth. Toner is a water-based product, that’s why it doesn’t irritate your skin, and you don’t feel anything on your face. It just refreshes your skin and preps your skin for post-cleansing products. Right after cleansing your face, you should apply toner when your face is slightly wet. If you don’t want to expend much on the toner, you can use simple rose water as a toner by spraying rose water on your face or by apply rose water through a cotton ball gently.


The serum helps keep a glow on your face. It also helps nurture your skin and fight the visible signs of aging. Water-based serum should always apply before moisturizer, and oil-based serum should always apply after moisturizer.


Moisturizer is very important for every face. It moisturizes your face and gives an impermeable layer to your skin. Just take a little moisturizer and place dots on your full face, then with loose hands apply moisturizer gently in a circular motion on your face.


The direct UV rays of the sun can burn your skin. UV rays can also cause skin cancer. To protect your skin from UV rays, you should apply sunscreen on your face, and whichever area is not covered. If you are going in sunlight, you should apply a minimum SPF-30. It is also an antiaging product.

Take a little sunscreen on your fingertip and put dots throughout your face and neck. Then apply it gently to your face. Firstly, it gives the whitish look to your face, but within minutes it will emerge in your skin and gives a natural look. Don’t apply sunscreen just before going into direct sunlight, always remembers to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you go into direct sunlight.


A skincare routine is very important for your skin. It removes all the dirt from your skin and protects your skin from different kinds of chemical makeup products. If you want to know more about your skin, then join the skin course in Chandigarh.

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