How to stay safe while traveling as a woman

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Going on vacation can be a great experience, whether traveling as a woman by yourself or with friends and family. However, it’s important to remember that you’re still traveling, and it can therefore be even more difficult to stay safe while doing so. Follow these tips to make sure you have the most fun possible while remaining safe while traveling as a woman.

Trust your gut and use common sense

Make sure your hotel door is locked, especially if you’re sleeping alone or with other women. Travel with only one wallet (take out all unnecessary credit cards and papers) in the inside pocket of your bag, not in any outside pockets. 

Be wary of meeting men who have approached you on the street. If something seems off about someone, be it their clothes or attitude, leave immediately. Don’t worry about seeming rude—your safety is more important than saving face. 

Find trusted travel advisors on sites like Yelp or ask local hotels for advice from their staff; many hotels also have a concierge service that can provide helpful information about local places to eat and visit.

Be aware of your surroundings

A Great Travel Advisor should be aware of their surroundings and never look like an easy target. They will carry their bags close and use side pockets for cell phones, iPods, wallets, etc. These items should not be in view at any time. 

Having purses over your shoulder can make it easier for someone to cut you off with a wayward hand or object. With electronic devices kept out of sight, there is little attraction on a thief’s part to steal them.

Get yourself in crowded public transportation

While taking mass transit at peak times can be uncomfortable and even scary, it’s better than being on roads and highways when accidents can happen. This will also help you get to your destination faster. Make sure that you take more time during rush hour traffic. Avoid fighting with others who might elbow or cut in front of you. 

Traveling tips: Take mass transit, avoid fighting over a seat; remember everyone else is trying to get somewhere too! Always carry identification and important phone numbers on you, such as medical conditions, allergies, and children’s information. 

Pay attention: You never know what someone is planning, but if you are aware of your surroundings, anything may seem suspicious and something that should raise some red flags!

Ask your hotel if they have security cameras 

Like most hotels, mine has security cameras. The staff is instructed not to look at them, but some of us gals travel with black and white headbands, which we’ve found help disguise our appearance if we ever get on camera—and they also make great sweatbands. If there are no cameras in your hotel room, ask if you can have them installed. That way, your doorman or cleaning service won’t capture any images of you when you come and go.

Keep a copy of your passport on you at all times

While you may feel like your passport is in no danger of being stolen, it’s not unlikely that it will end up in someone else’s hands. It’s best to be prepared. Please keep copies of your passport (and any other important travel documents) at home and lock them up for safekeeping. 

Having these on hand will help you when booking flights, hotels, and tours or if you need extra information on short notice. Your travel advisor should also have a copy on file if something happens and you cannot get back home immediately; several countries require proof of citizenship before letting anyone back into their borders.

Avoid carrying expensive jewelry, especially when you’re alone.

Criminals are more likely to target tourists and other travelers, especially when they’re alone or in secluded areas. Don’t advertise what you have by wearing expensive jewelry. Choose essential, understated pieces that can pass off as costume jewelry. 

If you prefer unique jewelry and there’s no one around when you wear them, consider investing in some inexpensive pieces of jewelry that look like your real ones—these can serve as decoys for potential thieves. Just don’t lose track of which one is real!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for a woman to stay in a hotel alone?

It depends on where you are and what kind of hotel you choose. Many women prefer to stay in hostels, which tend to be significantly cheaper than hotels and offer an easy opportunity for socializing with fellow travelers. 

Hostels also typically have female-only dorm rooms, so it’s easier for women staying there alone to feel safer. However, if you’re going on a solo vacation or want more space in your room than a hostel offers, then stick with hotels.

Is it safe for a woman to take a road trip alone?

Many women ask us, Is it safe for me to take a road trip alone? The simple answer is: it depends. Is there an actual reason you shouldn’t be alone? If not, and you still worry about being out on those lonely roads (and aren’t worried about getting into an accident), then stop worrying. 

Road tripping is one of our favorite things to do, and we love to do it alone because we don’t have anyone else’s schedule or plans to consider when we’re making our way across the country. Check out our tips for female solo travelers for more info!

What does a woman need to Know Before traveling alone?

A woman may travel alone or with her family or friends. Regardless of who she’s with, a few safety tips can make all the difference in how comfortable she feels during her trip. Before taking off on your next vacation traveling as a woman.

  • Consider these great travel advisor tips for women travelers: -Use common sense—don’t wander into unfamiliar neighborhoods at night.
  • Avoid deserted buildings and dark alleys.
  • Don’t talk to strangers.

Final Thoughts

Travel is an adventure. It’s an opportunity to see beautiful places, meet new people and experience new things. However, when you travel as a woman, special safety considerations must be taken into account. Because of safety concerns and anxiety, many women do not choose to travel abroad independently.