3 Tips To Ensure Your SMS Campaign Doesn’t Appear Spammy

sms campaign

SMS marketing campaigns are effective strategies due to their flexibility, which easily suits B2B and B2C audiences. Some marketers use an SMS campaign to give them a direct channel to their audience through their mobile phones. 

However, some marketers still struggle to include an SMS campaign in their strategy. One reason is that it can come off as spamming their audiences’ phones. If you want to know how to launch a successful SMS campaign without looking spammy, this article will discuss what you must avoid and tips to improve its performance.

Things to Avoid in an SMS Campaign (So It Wouldn’t Look Spammy)

1. Sending too many messages

Sending too many messages—especially ones without a call-to-action (CTA)—is one of the biggest mistakes you can make with SMS marketing campaigns since it creates a poor user experience. When you spam messages, it can discourage the consumer from engaging with your brand and lead them to opt out of your subscription list.

2. Generic SMS campaigns

SMS marketing is all about personalization and relevance. When you send promotional messages that aren’t personalized or relevant to your customers, they look spammy and unprofessional. You’ll lose credibility and trust with your customers, making them think twice about engaging with you again in the future.

3. Having a weak CTA

A call-to-action is integral to any messaging campaign since it entices consumers to interact with your offers. Not incorporating a solid and prominent CTA could confuse customers and lead to an ineffective SMS campaign. 

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3 Tips to Effectively Implement an SMS Campaign

1. Get your customers’ permission

Ensure you have your audience’s consent before sending them your marketing messages. Without it, spam filters could block your messages. Sending unsolicited messages may also get you in trouble with law enforcement.  

2. Send close-ended and concise messages

Short messages are easy to read, which helps customers quickly scan through them and decide whether or not they want to read the rest. This means that businesses can send short messages that contain only vital information, enticing consumers to avail of their offerings, thus increasing SMS marketing conversions.

3. Giving consumers the ability to unsubscribe

While making it easy for your customers to opt in is essential, it’s also important to make it easy for them to opt out. This is especially important when dealing with people uncomfortable with receiving text messages from marketers and feeling pressured to sign up for something they don’t want.

You may think that having an opt-out option is counter-intuitive. However, giving customers the freedom to decide whether they want to continue receiving your messages or not incentivizes them to remain on your SMS list, as they may find your campaigns less intrusive than others.

SMS Campaigning for Success

SMS marketing campaigns is an excellent way to connect with your consumers while providing insights into your products and services. However, sending generic-sounding promotional messages or overwhelming your audience can make your campaign appear spammy. 

A strategy and structure that includes personalizing and simplifying messages help you avoid wasting time and, ultimately, the failure of your campaign.