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Different kinds of people have different kinds of interests. Interest leads to people planning thousands of things. People put in their 100% efforts in practicing the things they are interested in. Some people crave comforts and some crave luxuries. Among all the things that luxury includes, the car is the one that the majority of people crave. The idea of an efficient and modern car used to revolve around the car to be good in looks and to be spacious. But who knew that a modern and efficient idea of a car can change to being a car that is neither good in looks nor very spacious but is excellent in performance having a powerful engine. We would like to tell you about some small cars with large engines that made a change. After reading this a Limo service might not remain an option for you anymore.  Read about them below.

Hennessey Venom GT:

Do you want a car that is excellent in performance and is known to be very light in weight? Then Hennessey Venom GT is the car that you need. Few features that it has been enough to make people fall in love with it. This car is a little dynamite, small in the size but has so much to offer. This car is known to be the fastest car with a weight that is less than 2500lbs. Based on the Lotus Elise, famous for being driven at a very fast speed.

Ariel Atom 500-V8:

This is the kind of car that many people dream of driving. Most of the people are insane about driving it and that shows the level of popularity this car has. The tiny size it has makes people question the huge power of this car. The bonkers 500-V8 make this car outstanding among all others. The V8 engine that an Ariel Atom 500-V8 has makes the acceleration of this car feel faster. The look, speed, and powerful engine it has can never be overlooked.

Westfield Seight:

A Westfield Seight is famous for its blistering performance. Majority of the people like the unique look this car has to offer. The V8 engine is used in this car. I would like to talk about two things that contribute to the car appearing unique to people. One is the vented nose that is the most noticeable thing about the car. The second thing is a bonnet with a bulge. This car is very light in weight. Despite this fact, the car’s performance is something to be talked about. The two seater car roars up to a high speed within seconds.

Aston Martin Cygnet V8:

All of us know that failure is a part of a business and every failure happens to teach us something. The same thing happened with the Aston martin cygnet. The model of this car that was launched in 2011 by Aston Martin Cygnet failed in the market and engine failure was the reason behind it. After seven years this company came back with a new model and this time the success they got was remarkable. The model launched now had the same body and shape but the thing that made it the talk of the town was its powerful engine. This powerful engine gave the cygnet V8 a speed of more than 160 mph making it popular among people.

Drakan Spyder:

Great things come in small packages. You must have heard it but not for a car. A Drakan Spyder makes you say this thing repeatedly. This car is proof that we should prefer functioning over looks. This car has so many functions to offer to be of a length that is not more than 4 meters. A Drakan Spyder V8 is a sports car that is perfect in look and functioning, having the powerful and right engine that a sports car needs despite being a small car.

AMC Gremlin-401-XR:

Just like Drakan Spyder, AMC Gremlin 401-XR is another car that tells us why functioning should always be our first priority. This car is called ugly in look by people but is the fastest gremlin. This car has big wheels and a very efficient engine that is known for giving the car an improved performance. Despite the powerful engine, it was not able to beat other cars that have powerful engines in a small body. But definitely, you would love to ride it because of the accelerated power it has to offer. This car made its name in the list of most liked cars of On-demand services Manhattan this car made its name.

Sunbeam Tiger:

Few things always falls on the top of the list in the category they are specified to. This thing applies to this car. Whenever someone will talk about a small British sports car, Sunbeam Tiger would be amongst the top 5 or say top 10 at least. People always used to go for sports cars with large capacities and mostly American. The V8 engine by Ford made a drastic change in the preferences of people and proved best for the fate of the Sunbeam tiger. This engine was used in this car that gave an improvement to its performance and made its name in people’s preferences despite being small in capacity.

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