Top 6 Writing and Editing Tools for Students and 6 Tips to Write a Tailor-Made Assignment

writing and editing tools

Are you looking for magical writing and editing tools to use in 2022?

As a student, you should arm yourself with must-have skills and valuable writing tools to help you counter academic challenges.

Despite being passionate, creative, and intelligent, learners are easily distracted from their writing goals. 

Plus, writing accurate sentence structures free from grammatical errors and using the right vocabulary give them nightmares. 

So what should students do in order to tackle writing and editing challenges?

Say goodbye to your academic writing worries!

In times like these, technology has made it possible to correct all the writing and editing flaws. 

These six effective tools will help you hone and polish your assignment writing and editing skills. Let’s dive into it!

Staying inside the word limit is an important aspect of assignment writing. Remember, your professor wants you to showcase the level of information required in your essay. 

He wants you to adjust all the details within a particular word count professionally.

In this scenario, benefiting from an online word counter is the best step to take.

With this free word counter tool, you can count the total number of characters and words in your assignment. This easy-to-use tool helps you keep track of your assignment length.


All you need to do is write or copy-paste the content into the specified area. Within a matter of seconds, it computes the total number of characters, words, and word density in your paper. 

Plus, you can also change text style and size with this word counter tool. Most significantly, its free grammar checker feature assists you in removing all the writing flaws in your essay and making it error-free.

Hemingway Editor

This editor makes your writing clear. Using the color code feature, this tool highlights all the complex and lengthy sentences that are hard to read, provides you with valuable suggestions to make them simpler, and traces all the common grammar flaws that can lower an assignment’s readability.

It enables you to sharpen your writing skills. While writing an essay or other assignment, you can rate your writing’s readability. 


It is another amazing tool for removing all the spelling and grammar flaws from your writing. 

Grammarly Review | PCMag

Whether you are writing as per British or American rules, you can perfectly evaluate your work. With its free version, you can avoid all spelling and grammatical flaws. Plus, it also suggests synonyms. 

On the contrary, you can make perfect sentence structure with its paid version.

Cliché Finder

The words or phrases that have been used in the assignment multiple times are called clichés. They damage your writing’s originality. 

The Cliché Finder tool helps you identify and remove all the clichés from your paper. In order to trace clichés in your writing, you can paste your content into the input area. That’s it.

If you have never leveraged this tool, consider using it. With Online Notepad, you can organize all the scattered ideas, save crucial quotes, and make online notes. 

You can easily craft your assignment with all the statistics, facts, quotes, and gathered material. In addition to making notes, it also lets you save all website data. 

The good news is that it is compatible with all operating systems and devices. Moreover, it also measures how many lines you have written.

Small SEO Tool plagiarism checker

Whether you are a professor or a student, you can benefit from this tool. It generates results within a few seconds. Its web-based feature enables it to be accessed from any kind of device.

You do not have to pay a single penny with the usage of this plagiarism checker. When it traces plagiarism, you can see the links from where the original text is copied.

To use this tool perfectly, copy-paste your assignment in the specified area and then hit the “Check Plagiarism” button. 

Six killer writing tips for writing a tailor-made assignment

Writing an assignment is an undeniable part of academics. There is no way to avoid it; accordingly, you should carefully craft it.

Assignment writing is not a piece of cake; it demands tremendous effort and time. Worry not!

The following tips will help you produce a flawless assignment like a pro. Here you go!

Structure your timetable 

First, you need to manage your time precisely and free yourself from distractions such as social media, TV, games, etc.

Remember, you cannot produce quality paper if you keep scrolling on social media. Hence, you should focus on meeting the exact deadline. 

Do extensive reading 

Writing a top-notch academic paper requires extensive reading. It gives you several ideas and inspirations that will help you become a better writer. 

Most importantly, you should not need to stick yourself to reading syllabus books and journals. Instead, go through as many copies as you can.

It will give you an edge over your classmates and improve your vocabulary and sentence structure. 

Investigate the paper’s question

If you want to write an excellent academic paper, you should do a detailed analysis of the question. Once you have investigated your essay’s question properly, you can craft a level one assignment.

In order to reach the central meaning of the question, you should rewrite it in your own words. 

Research properly

After comprehending the topic clearly, you should conduct research. You can use online and offline sources to access valuable information. 

Instead of relying on a single source, you should gather information from multiple sources. When you have gathered all the information, you should analyze it.

Outline the paper

It’s time to outline your paper and structure your topic in the way you want it to arrange. Pinpoint all the necessary elements in your outline.

Start writing

Now you have structured your paper, the writing phase becomes much easier for you. Write:

An engaging introduction

Dive into the writing phase by crafting an attractive introduction and covering your question’s key elements. Demonstrate how you are going to respond to that particular question.

Hook your readers with an eye-grabbing topic statement. 

Craft the main body

In this portion of the assignment, you have to provide shreds of evidence to support your thesis statement. It would be best to use quotes and statistics to strengthen your point. 

A compelling conclusion

In this writing part, you need to summarize all the crucial points you stated earlier. Your conclusion should leave a long-lasting impression on the reader.