Four Simple Steps for Trimming Hedges

Trimming Hedges

We all love greenery, which is why most of us set up a beautiful garden space in our homes. We grow grasses, hedges, plants, and trees in our garden to make it look beautiful.

But setting up a garden doesn’t mean the work is done. One should properly maintain the garden to help the trees and shrubs grow in the right way. Especially if you have hedges in your garden, you must know how to maintain them.

Hedges are formed by placing multiple shrubs together in rows. Planting these shrubs closely, blending them, and making them look beautiful becomes easier. But they do require proper trimming as well from time to time.

If you know how to trim hedges, it is great. Or else you can also hire gardeners for Hedge Trimming Ottawa. We share four simple steps below for trimming hedges if you wish to do it independently. They will also help you prune shrubs that have grown out of proportion.

Step 1: Right Time to Trim Hedges

Do not trim hedges anytime you wish to. We know that you want them to be in shape and wish them to grow the right way. But trimming hedges also depends on seasons, weather conditions, and the type of hedges.

Flowering hedges should be trimmed either after they have bloomed. Or during the winter or spring season. When it comes to non-flowering hedges, one should trim them after 6 to 8 weeks during summers. But during winters, reduce the frequency of trimming.

Look for hedge or Tree Removal Near Me if you cannot decide when to trim them. They will be able to help you in trimming hedges according to their type and condition.

Step 2: Choose the Right Trimmer for Hedge Trimming

You will find a variety of hedge trimmers and pruning tools in the market these days. The hedge trimmers are available in different sizes according to the size of the hedges. Also, you can decide whether you wish to use a gas hedge trimmer or an electric hedge trimmer.

But do check out its blades before buying it. Though, all hedges cannot be trimmed using the trimmer. For some hedges and shrubs, you will require tools like pruning saws, loppers, and hand shears.

They will help trim hedges that are not easy to trim using a trimmer due to their thickness or reach. If you are hiring hedge trimming Ottawa Company, you need not worry about getting these tools.

Step 3: Know The Process of Trimming Hedges

As you have your hedge trimming gears ready with you, it is now time to learn how to do it. First, you should start with snipping the branches of the shrubs that are overgrown. Check every shrub properly, as proper snipping will help give it the proper shape.

Now trim the hedges that have become dull or are dead, along with trimming the interior. Also, trim the bushes around the roots. It will help shape the hedges so that air and sunlight can pass through them. It is important for the growth of hedges.

Use a taut rope to ensure that you cut your hedges in proper proportion and maintain the size. Ultimately, give your hedges the final touch by trimming the leftover branches or edges using a hand trimmer.

Step 4: Tips for Trimming Hedges

Here are a few rules that one must remember when trimming hedges.

  • Always use safety gear like a face mask and gloves to save yourself from any injury while trimming hedges.
  • When trimming hedges, ensure the hedges at the bottom are wider in shape compared to the top. It is important to keep the base strong. Else the shrubs will start dying due to a lack of support and sunlight at the bottom.
  • When using trimmers or pruners, do not handle them with loose hands. Otherwise, it will not give the hedges a proper and even shape.

Start Trimming Your Hedges Now

You now know all the steps and tips for trimming hedges. So all you need is to get the hedge trimmer, pruner, hand shear, and safety gear to start trimming. Either follow these steps or hire a company for hedge trimming in Ottawa to make your garden look perfect.