TPLink Mobile WiFi setup

The TPLink Mobile WiFi is a wireless WiFi hotspot that delivers a speed of almost 150MBps and 500MBps for downloading and uploading respectively. It is compatible with 3G and LTE networks. It delivers 300MBps speed even after 10+ devices are connected at the same time.  It is almost like a mobile device as it has a sim card slot on its back. Just insert the sim card to enjoy the seamless video streaming. Its 2000mah battery backup is long lasting as it runs for almost 8 hours. Its small and sleek design allows you to place this mobile WiFi even in a pocket.  The app management control allows you to manage the settings just by using the mobile device. It has three LED lights on the front indicating the WiFi, internet, and battery. It also has a power button on the front bottom and a reset button on its back.

The tp-link m7200 login process is simple and can be done using the web interface and its app. The lightweight and pocket size design will make this device set up even in a small place. Use any sim card inside this device, as this device supports the whole country card.

Features Of TPLink Mobile WiFi

Fast Connectivity and Speed

It provides fast connectivity as it supports a 4G sim card.  The 4G  connectivity offers to stream and enjoys the other tasks without any hassle. It is capable of delivering a speed upto 150MBps. 


The small and pocket size design allows you to bring this device even in a pocket. With a 2000mah battery, it provides a battery backup of upto 8 hours.

Safe and Easy to Use

The setup of this device is easy. You just have to place the sim to enjoy the internet connection. The PIN lock option enables this device to be protected from unknown people. You have to enter the PIN to access the internet connection. The worldwide sim card support makes this device reliable.

App Control

The tpMiFi app offers to control the data limit, setting the pin lock for the sim card, set up your Mobile WiFi, change the password, and many more in just one tap.

Now we are gonna tell you the whole process of mobile WiFi installation as well as setup.

Installing The TPLink Mobile WiFi

Open the shipment box and take out the device and the user manual. Read all the instructions mentioned in the user manual carefully before proceeding. Now open the back cover of the device and insert the sim card in the sim card slot. Now place the battery. Look for the SSID network security key and username available on the top at the rear side of the device. Install the back cover. 

Now push the ON/OFF button available at the bottom front until all LED lights start. Wait for some time until the internet LED light turns into a solid green light. Connect your Mobile or any wireless device to the TPLink device by SSID security key and username. That’s it. Now you are able to enjoy internet access using Mobile WiFi. These are some instructions you need to follow to lock your sim card using the Mobile WiFi device.

Tips To Lock Your Sim Card Using The TPLink Mobile WiFi

It will allow the users to lock the sim card. Whenever you wish to access the internet even on a smartphone, you have to enter the PIN to access the internet connection. To do this visit its official website after entering the login credentials. Tap on the device, and then advance and tap on the PIN management option. Now turn on the enable PIN option. Enter the PIN you wish to set and tap the Done button.

Users can also set the auto to unlock PIN option when their Mobile WiFi turns on. Again login and go to the PIN management option. Enable the Auto unlock option. Now we are gonna tell you to change the password of the Mobile WiFi.

How To Change The Login Password For TPLink Mobile WiFi

Enter change password in the browser’s search box. Enter the login credentials when the login interface will open. Go to the account option under the device. Fill the password you are using right now in the first blank row. Now enter the new password in the second row as well as in the third row. Tap on Done and your Mobile WiFi password is changed successfully. 

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