5 Easy Ways to Shrink Jeans

Men jumper and jeans can shrink easily. Although, one of the best things about jeans is how simple it is to shrink them. Knowing how to shrink jeans would allow you to get a better fit on a new pair or simply tighten up old ones if you’ve lost weight. There are a few common methods to choose from, each of which is useful in its own way, but which one you choose would be primarily determined by your priorities. We’ll look at some of the easiest ways to shrink jeans in the blog below.

The Pre-Soak Method

Sanforized or sanforized denim is available. Unsanforised denim has not been pre-shrunk, though sanforised denim has. For the latter, you’ll need to take care of the original shrinking by giving your jeans a pre-soak. If you’re buying jeans that aren’t sanforized, make sure to order a size up. 

Fill the water tank with two to three inches of hot water for the soak. Turn the jeans inside out and soak them in water until they are fully dry. To keep them from rising to the floor, drop something heavy on top of them. Take them cautiously out of the water and put them out to dry.

The Boiling Method

Before we go further, keep in mind that this approach only works for 100% cotton denim. Don’t do that if the jeans are made of a combination of nylon and polyester. It’s also a risky choice, so just do it if you can manage for anything to go wrong. 

You’ll need a big pot of boiling water to begin. Turn your jeans inside out, put them in the pot, and boil for about thirty minutes. When your jeans are properly boiled, gently remove them from the pot and place them in the highest temperature of your dryer.

Your jeans would shrink dramatically before you take them out of the dryer. However, be aware that your jeans can extend back to a degree, and if you start doing this frequently, they can soon lose colour.

Spot Shrinking

Spot shrinking could be the better choice if your jeans fit well in some places but need to be tightened up in others. This is the technique of shrinking only some parts of a pair of jeans while leaving the rest unaffected.

There are many methods, but one of the most common is to use a spray bottle and fabric softener. Simply fill the bottle three-quarters full of hot water and one-quarter full of fabric softener, spray the area where you need the jeans to be shrunk, and wait for it to dry. 

Go To A Tailor

Using heat to shrink any kind of fabric is often a dangerous game to play. It’s bad for the cloth, bad for the colour, and it’ll never give you the same results you’re looking for. Bring your jeans to someone who has perfected the art out of ensuring that people’s clothing fits properly. Your local tailor will be able to have a better understanding of how you like your jeans to fit and then make the necessary adjustments.


Before going out, sometimes all you need to do is fix a saggy backside or thigh part of your jeans. Using an iron to make these minor adjustments is a simple and convenient way to avoid going out of the box. You can use an iron with a spray feature for the best performance. If that fails, a spray bottle would suffice. 

Spray on the spot you intend to tighten up and use the iron on high heat to go over it. Repeat until the fabric is fully dried, and then repeat as required.

The aforementioned guide may help you out in shrinking your jeans. You can get jeans, a jumper for men, and other items from Noir LDN. 

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