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When it comes to buying a new vehicle than most car buyers will naturally look for the types of vehicles that will suit their requirements and budget and it is totally fine. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of buying a vehicle is the fact that they will never ask or consult about the extended car warranty. For new car owners, settling for a factory warranty is enough but what they don’t know is the fact that this is for a limited time, and if there is any loss or repair happening after the warranty period then they will have to pay it on their own.

This is where the extended car warranty will come in handy and it is even worth it when you buy a second-hand vehicle. However, with so many names to choose from such as vehicle protection cost, repair warranty, and alike it can be overwhelming for one to choose the right extended warranties, and here is what you need to know regarding this.

What Exactly Are Vehicle Extended Warranties?

To those who don’t know, these are the auto repair cost that will be paid when the factory insurance will be expired. There can be several parts of vehicle repair that can be added to it according to the plan but most of the time it ads major parts of their vehicle repairs. However, when one will go for powertrain coverage then you will be entitled to be paid for a wide range of parts that come between it.

Some car warranties may include features such as towing the vehicle and roadside assistance but they will require to be paid a deductible before the plan starts but there can be other extended warranties that will cover every cent of the repair costs. They will come with the mileage limit, year, or both.

When Do You Need Extended Car Warranty?

This is one of the most common questions asked by several new and used car buyers. They often ask about when they should be planning to get an extended car warranty then you should be asking yourself, are you the person who is always worried about repairing costs the can be costly over time.

Car Ownership for Longer

If you think that owning a car is somewhat costly then you should be getting the right car warranty plans. Or if you are a person who wants to own a car for longer than yes you should be getting the extended car warranty plans because factory car warranty plans will last for a few years or miles whatever finishes first. This is where you should be looking for an extended car warranty. However, those who are planning to sell the car after one or two years then they shouldn’t opt for the extended warranty.

Unreliable Used Cars

If you have bought a car that you think isn’t good enough to be driven for longer then’ opting for the car warranty would be a great saving for you as you never know when you will have to take your wallet out for costly repairs. Also, you can turn yourself in for roadside assistance, vehicle towing, and rental charges as well.

Platforms such as Chaiz will help you to find the most affordable yet features filled Car Warranties that will help you to save big on repair and maintenance costs.

How Should I Get The Right Extended Warranty?

When it comes to the extended warranty then mind the fact that it isn’t as simple as it sounds like because every car warranty plan comes with different prices and things, some warranties will b backed by the original manufacturers and some will be supported by the 3rd parties and companies.

Because of the complexity involved in getting the right car warranty plan you shouldn’t just jump to a conclusion. You should know first that how you will pay your car’s repair charges. Are you willing to pay through your personal finance or do you want to wait for the warranty company to pay for the price? Does the warranty company provide a pre-approved statement for repair so mechanics can start repair quickly? And what if you want to transfer the extended warranties, will the company provide support? Not only it will give your son or daughter a great opportunity to enjoy riding your exotic car as it is covered but it will also provide you peace of mind that your car is covered and so is your finance as you will not have to pay personally for the damage repair.


Buying an extended warranty would be a great favor for your finance especially when you are planning to retain the vehicle for longer. Even though if your pans are selling it after some time, it will help you keep your vehicle in good condition through regular maintenance and repairs. Just make sure you know where and what you are getting so you can get the most out of it.

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