Seven Important Details You Should Pay Attention To When Creating your CV 

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What’s that one little detail that every HR notices in your CV? They are looking for 7-8 key points in your CV, not just one detail.

Let’s face it: a CV is important for your job prospects. It gives HR a sneak peek of what you have done and what you can bring to the table. The interviewing round comes later, but you have to impress HR with your CV at first glance.

But are you getting nervous to make your CV? Don’t sweat! A professional CV maker can help! You can pay attention to providing all the details – and never commit the mistake of lying about your qualifications or experience. HR professionals are good at doing background checks so that you will get caught. The first impression is the last – that’s what everyone believes and says.

A CV will play an important role in getting you one step closer to your dream job. If hiring someone to make the CV, you must proofread the document and find the 7 important pointers or details in the final write-up.

Here’s a post that highlights those 7 points. So, let’s dive right in and find out.

Seven Important Details To Mention In Your CV 

#1 Personal Information (But Not Too Personal)

Dear candidate, you should not write private details in the CV. For example, your marital status is not needed. You must write your full name, current location, phone number, email, and social media handles such as Linked In or a blog. Your Instagram and Facebook are not needed here. If you have a personal website, mention the name in the CV, but make it professional and showcase your work.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the format. A proper format will make it easier for HR to skim through the CV and find important points.

#2 A Quick Summary 

There is no story to tell here. But you can briefly summarize your big career achievements and what you will bring to the company. This is your chance to highlight all the skills you possess.

As we said, make it quick because summaries are not supposed to be too long.

#3 Your Experience 

Of course, this needs to be in the CV. Mention the working experience in your CV with the company name, position, city, starting date, end date, or if you are working with them still.

Feel free to mention what you were able to deliver to your previous employee. Did you accomplish anything?

The recruiter will see whether you are resourceful and productive. Don’t provide a big list – you don’t want to turn off your recruiters with a long CV. Remember that there is always some scope to learn, so don’t appear like you’re a know-it-all.

#4 Educational Qualifications

Your education is important, so please mention it in the CV. The educational institutions would include the degrees you earned or any certifications you may have. Even if you did a language certification course, mention it in the educational qualifications.

This is your time to gloat about your educational background! Write down your Bachelor’s degree and then mention your MBA degree. Don’t forget to mention the university or college name.

Some mention their grades too, but it is unnecessary unless you topped your class or got a high CGPA. That’s something you can boast about.

#5 The Skills You Possess 

Dear candidate, you must flaunt your skills on the CV, but make sure you mention all the hard, soft, and technical skills. 

Make sure you are speaking the truth in this CV, and do not mention skills that look good on paper but there are no actions on the ground. 

Read up about hard skills, soft skills, and technical skills. Your resume writer will mention the skills, but you must let them know your skills. 

#6 Certifications and Awards 

Were you awarded the best employee or got a reward for your exceptional services? Perhaps you can also mention how you were promoted quickly because you have exceptional skills and knowledge. 

Once again, don’t lie or try to portray a fake picture. If you have any achievements in work or your university, then mention them.

#7 Recommendations 

Can your previous employer write a recommendation for you? If yes, that would be a great addition to your CV. You can also put references or recommendations of top authority, the HR of the company will do the needful. Always remember that companies do a background check before hiring you! 

Attach this recommendation to your CV as an add-on. It will help you grab more attention!