How to Setup a New Restaurant According to Vastu Consultants in Delhi?

Vastu Consultants

Delhi is known to be the hub of popular food chains and restaurants. The big city entails the busy lifestyle and hectic schedule of people who work hard all day long to make a living. Preparing meals daily 3 times a day may not be a possibility. This is why takeout points and restaurant businesses are getting immensely successful in the capital city of India. Although, managing a restaurant isn’t as straight and smooth as it appears to be. There are a lot of things in a hospitality arrangement that requires careful attention.

Aside from offering good food and quality services, you can also consider fixing the place according to Vastu for profitable outcomes. Apart from profit, the right Vastu techniques can create a welcoming ambiance for the visitors to your restaurant. Vastu isn’t just an ancient interior method to decorate a new place. It is the practice to make a given setting more interesting by inducing a beam of positivity into it. Whoever makes an entrance at your facility must feel nice and have a good time.

Here’s how to set up a new restaurant according to professional Vastu consultants in Delhi:

  • There is no need to pay attention to the plot shape you choose for your new restaurant because that you can cover in your designing procedure. Although, the direction of the main entrance must be either the north or east. Vastu consultants in Delhi NCR suggest that north and east directions are suitable for entrance points in commercial settings.
  • Once your restaurant is ready, reserve the north area after the entrance for a fun-filled reception. This will provide your customers with an embracing feel right after they enter the place.
  • Best Vastu experts in Delhi recommend selecting a place with significant movement around the functional area. A fully functioning zone is less likely to get distracted by the negative impacts of wrong Vastu practices. Besides busy places do bring a lot of business.
  • Since North and east directions have been assigned for taking in the positivity, you can place the windows in these areas. The seating arrangement should not be too above the ground as per the scientific Vastu experts in Delhi.
  • No matter how edgy and unusual interior design you pick for your new restaurant, don’t let that affect your furniture shapes. Square and rectangular shapes are known for offering maximum space and convenience during mealtime. Your customers must face east or west while eating to enjoy their delicacies to the fullest.
  • The most suitable spot for the kitchen in your new restaurant would be the southeast. It is considered an apt arrangement for situating a place where you prepare fresh and delightful meals every day.
  • Don’t try to embellish the place with fancy beams and pillars even if you are decorating it in retro style. If you are willing to keep the option of colorful beams, just make sure that your customers don’t sit around it. This can bring unexpected negative elements to the ambiance of your new restaurant.
  • Cooking material should be kept safe in the southwest region of the restaurant’s storeroom. On the contrary, the southeast area is considered safe for keeping inverters, geysers, and other heavy electronic equipment.
  • According to famous and award-winning Vastu consultants in Delhi, Gurgaon, and the NCR region, colors are very crucial in Vastu. Therefore, you should always pick light and soothing colors for the walls. The staff of your restaurant should avoid wearing brown and black colors.
  • The dining hall should not be deprived of fresh flowers as they bring a prospering feel to the ambiance. A water fountain in the vicinity of your new restaurant will symbolize affluence and happiness.

These are some simple tips from professional Vastu consultants that can help you set up your new restaurant. Besides these tips, you can also consult a professional Vastu expert in Delhi to know more about the possibilities of your new restaurant venture.

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