SEO for photographers: The complete and updated guide

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Have you ever feel that your business can thrive if it is visible to a higher number of clients? If yes then SEO is the right choice for you. No matter whether your photos are great or whether you have spent days and hours in making your website look great but it would not work if people are not able to reach your website. SEO for photographers is one of the most valuable opportunities to get higher traffic on your website and can enhance the website ranking of your website.

But the thing is that you are a photographer, not a computer scientist then how can you enhance your website ranking. SEO is not an easy task, it is quite confusing to perform and apply SEO tactics. This easy guide will make you understand SEO with the help of real-life examples.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engines are the connectors between humans and the internet. Whenever you want to search for something online, you just write a few keywords in the search box and search engine results in an index of websites.

Difference between indexing and ranking!!!

Whenever you make a query, Google starts finding the relevant website and offers an index to each and every page and saved it in the Google database. Remember that you can’t rank if your business website is not indexed by Google. You can check it on Google whether a website is indexed or not.

In Google search console, you can also check the status of a website. It is the task of the search engine to crawl your website for indexing. And for indexing your website, you can ask Google search console. If your website is not indexed in the search engine then it could not be ranked and can’t be seen on the search engine result page.

Quality matters

Quality is one of the most important factors to make your website rank higher on search engine result page. If you want to rank higher then you need to be the best in quality. Google checks the website content quality, structure quality and the overall quality of the website while indexing it. Google tries to offer the answer to the search queries made by the people. See if Google is not able to answer the people’s query then searchers can go somewhere else where they can get the answer to their question.

Ask yourself a few questions!!!

•    Is your website easy to navigate by all the devices? Does your website have web responsive design?

•    Is your website is better than your competitor website and to those websites that are on the first page of Google search engine result page?

•    Do you provide information that can satisfy visitors?

•    Is the landing page of your website tells about your business’s goods and services?

•    Are you using the keywords that are synonyms of the keywords?

•    Is your website architecture is easy to surf?

Setting up some essential SEO tools

Now you have a very much idea of what search engine optimization is and how it works. Now you should know a little more about the SEO tools that will help you in applying SEO at your website. Google analytics, Google search console, and Moz are the most popular SEO tools that are used in performing Google search engine optimization.

Remember that your website is the front store of your own business therefore, it should be highly attractive and appealing so visitors can attract towards your website.

Your website is the single entity

 Your website is the single entity and it should not be two different properties. Nowadays, technology has been changed abruptly. In photography, you can’t split them. Try to write about the photography blogs on your website. The content and the blogs written on your website should be a subdirectory of it. 

You should have a single website

You should have a single website. If you have more than one domain then the authority can divide into two different parts. Backlinks are the most common factor that enhances the quality of a website. It becomes difficult to have domain authority when you have more than one domain name. So have only one website and apply your best SEO tactics on the same.

This is how you can enhance the visibility of your website. You can also hire SEO services for your website if you are purely a non-technical person. 

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