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Do you know that you can sell your house in less than 7 days or even shorter than that? But you must have the major capital that includes patience, effort, adequate exposure, and putting the right selling price. Typically, it takes 8 to 15 showings before you get the right deal however, this is not applicable all the time. Especially if you want instant cash right away. The entire process of selling a house usually includes marketing your home online through listings, keep updating the pictures, amending its prices, analyzing and predicting trends affecting the real estate market. But it is important to determine the best techniques to accelerate the selling time of a home in order to maximize its potential profitability. If you are interested in selling your house as soon as possible, Barbara Corcoran – the CEO of Real Estate Firm called Corcoran Group has the most effective tactics to offer so that you can sell your home quickly. Here are the 5 techniques;

1.) Delete the old listings

If you have an old listing selling your home, it would be better if you will remove it then publish a new post containing the latest pictures of your property. This listing will appear new to a certain online marketplace and the audience will be obtaining an idea that your home is just put on sale. Right after creating a new listing and posting it, it will rapidly show to various search engines and platforms giving you free and instant ads which will help you reach the right buyer.

2.) Decrease the price of the property 5% less than what other its usual price

Pricing is a critical factor when selling a home because you have to ensure that it is not going to be so low or high but just a fair deal. Researching and benchmarking other homes for sales in your area would help you decide what price you should put, such as using the platform of that has numerous addresses in the U.S. You just need to indicate your neighbor’s home address to see how much it costs, giving you an idea how much you can put into your own home.

3. Conduct a “3 DAYS SALE ONLY”

This tactic will urge prospective buyers to act faster whether to bid, offer a deal to you or book an appointment visiting the property. It is due to the fact that you are giving a sense of urgency and this method is proven effective in most cases. This tactic is quite similar to a garage sale but the difference is you are selling your home. With the use of fliers to be distributed around your city with a caption of “3 DAYS SALE ONLY then include the address of your home and contact information, it will most likely generate buyers. Furthermore, you can also advertise it online which will also obtain a larger scope of audience boosting the exposure of your property. Since it has limited days of sale, owners will be surely receiving massive queries and offers.

4. Offer exclusive financial rewards

The buyers will tend to be more encouraged if there are any rewards or incentives that they will get aside from just buying your property. Offering financial advantages will entice them to purchase your home because they think that it is worth their money and time due to the incentives it has. It includes;

-Property taxes payment terms for 3-4 years

-Mortgage payment terms for 2 years

-Offer to pay for the repair and closing costs

-Commissions for brokers or agents

5. Initiate the right first impression

This is an initial factor that will create the overall impact on the buyer’s choice of whether to buy it or not. Therefore, ensuring that the property is well-organized and well-prepared will entice them to purchase the house. A quality home is much faster to be sold than a less quality and unprepared home so the owner must be aware of this factor. To better illustrate, the owner must look after the home’s cleanliness, structures that need to be repaired, interior design, and its overall condition. You must set the property aiming to impress your potential buyers so that it will be sold rapidly and you may even get higher returns than what you have expected.

Closing the Offer

Whenever you are selling a property in a rapid manner, a huge amount of decreasing price will tend to work in most cases. But always remember how fair it is on your end. Do not lower the value of the property. You may utilize efficient marketing strategies online to market your home fast since everyone conducts transactions digitally. Always remember that good quality pictures, reasonable selling price, and positive testimonials about your home will tend to boost its selling time and selling price.

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