How to Secure Your Home Against Climate Change?


Climate change is no longer a vague or indistinct threat for homeowners. As scorching heat is wreaking havoc across nations and damaging homes and lives, floods and wildfires are equally devastating. 

For those who are looking forward to new home developments in Kelowna, taking the plunge without preparing for the consequences will be nothing but a wasted step. If homeowners ignore the consequences of climate change, they may face the worst circumstances in the upcoming time. 

How to initiate the first step?

There is no good or bad time for house owners to become proactive about climate change. The sooner it is the better. You can begin with anything from installing rain gutters in new homes in Kelowna BC to changing the route of water entering your properties. That way, you will also mitigate the risks of flood. Apart from this, they need to secure their houses with insurance and the costs are expected to increase with natural disasters becoming more frequent. When investing in a new house, you need to know the significance of keeping the property cool during summer and warm during the winter. Overall, maintenance and protection of homes should take priority. 

Things to do at new homes to prevent the risks of climate change:

As a homeowner planning to consider investing in new housing developments in Kelowna and Fraser Valley, knowing what to do to protect your house is crucial. Remember that the smallest steps can make a big impact. Here are a few simple steps you may consider implementing to avert the risks of climate change. 

Buy energy-rated appliances 

When buying new appliances and products for your house, don’t forget to check the energy rating level. Such ratings are applicable to heating and cooling equipment, lighting, electronics, and home equipment. If homeowners become conscious about using such products in their residences, the tendency of greenhouse gases can be reduced in a substantial manner along with the energy bills. 

Changing the lighting fixtures

You must replace some of the most frequently used lighting equipment if you have not complied with energy ratings when buying those products. So, buy lighting equipment with the best ratings for places where they are used more often and generate about 75% percent less heat and reduce the environmental impact. Making the summers and winters reasonably warm and cold depends a lot. So, the steps you consider today will impact the environment down the line.

Sealing and insulating homes

Sealing and insulating the house is set to become more crucial during the coming years. So, reduce air leaks with the help of weather stripping and caulk. Apart from this, insulate the attic to prevent the warm air from escaping during winter and keep the house cool in the summer. Be a knowledgeable homeowner when investing in Tower Ranch homes for sale and insist the builder install windows and doors that resonate with the climate of your area. That way, you can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs and style your property while complying with the sealing and insulating measures. 

Rely on smart heating and cooling 

Heating and cooling of homes account for half of your utility bills and are crucial from the point of view of the environment. All you need is to implement simple steps like installing a programmable thermostat and maintaining the heating and cooling equipment annually by a licensed agency. Not only will you take a sincere step to save energy but enhance your comfort level for protecting the environment. Depending on where you reside, such small and significant steps can go a long way in cutting down your energy bills and protecting your home against increasing climate change. 

Efficient usage of water 

Heating, pumping, and treating water requires immense energy. So, the more you save water the better it is to reduce the greenhouse gases.  Saving water at home is simple. You can try to reduce the amount of water each time when using the toilet, not run the tap when brushing your teeth, or change the tap and faucet to regulate the quantity of water that falls. Repair the leaks in the faucet and toilet and run the dishwasher with a full load to reduce the wastage of water. Similarly, water the lawn carefully and complete this task only at the coolest time of the day. A similar approach should also be embraced for commercial real estate development in Kelowna and Fraser Valley. 

Residents must understand that houses will never be protected from natural disasters due to climate change unless the community as a whole handles the situation proactively. Remember that installing rain gutters won’t save the planet from flooding unless the sewers function appropriately or changing the components of your home’s AC won’t make a difference if the electrical grid malfunctions. Climate adaptation is an issue for which entire communities need to invest to install prevention measures.