How to perform PST to Office 365 Migration task?

PST to Office 365 Migration

Summary: Now, moving Outlook PST files to Office 365 is in trend, so the users raised a query related to how to do PST to Office 365 migration. We have come up with a guide that will help you to make this task in a trouble-free manner. Keep reading this guide until the end for a better understanding of this migration.

If any organization wants to move to the Office 365 cloud-based service from Outlook email client, they also migrate their data such as email, tasks, contacts, etc. However, we all know that Outlook stores its data in PST file format. Therefore, to move Outlook data to Office 365, users must perform the PST to Office 365 migration process. But the migration process is not easy for the users, so to ease your task, we have come up with a guide that will provide users with steps to make this task in simple manner.

Benefits of choosing Office 365 cloud-based service

  • Easily accessibility: Office 365 is easily accessible from anywhere in the world and anytime. Users can work remotely while they are even travelling.
  • Subscription: The subscription facility of the Office 365 is far better than the other cloud-based services. Users only need to pay for what they use, and it doesn’t include any extra charges.
  • Cost-effective: Office 365 has a lower cost, so it is easily affordable for all categories of industries like small or large organizations. Even users can purchase for personal use as well.
  • Safe and Secure: The security of the data is the main concern for the users, so Microsoft regularly updates its security patch to keep away users’ data from any harm.

Users look to migrate to Microsoft 365 for these mentioned benefits of Office 365 and also wish to upload PST to Office 365 service. Apart from this, there could be another factor or motivation due to why users wish to perform this migration process.

How to move Outlook PST file into Microsoft 365?

Users can upload PST file to the MS Office 365 mailboxes using the manual or professional method. Here, we will discuss two manual methods that users can use to perform PST to Office 365 migration tasks. The methods users can follow to complete this task are using Outlook Import/Export and with the help of the AzureAZCopy tool. Let us begin the discussion on the methods with the steps of the manual methods to accomplish this task.

Manual approaches to transfer PST file data to Office 365

Method 1: Move the PST file using the Microsoft Outlook Import/Export

Step1: Firstly, open the Outlook email client and log in with your Office 365 account and password.

Step2: Choose the File tab and go to the Open & Export option. After that, select Import/Export.

Step3: Press on the Import from another program or file and tap Next.

Step4: Later on, select the Outlook data file (.pst) option and hit the Next button.

Step5: Click the Browse option and select the PST file. Then, press Next.

Step6: Now, select the Microsoft 365 account and tap the Finish button.

Method 2: Uploading PST file using AzureAZCopy Tool

Step1: Move the Outlook PST file into Microsoft 365

  • Log in with your Office 365 Admin account and go to Admin Center. Then, click the Exchange option.
  • Now, navigate to Permissions and then choose Organization management > +sign > Mailbox import-export > Add > Ok.
  • Move back to the Organization Management and select the Mailbox import-export and hit the Save button.
  • Go to Admin Center and select Setup. After that, Data migration and tap the Upload PST file.

Step2: Create a new Job and import Exchange Online

  • Click on the New Import job to create a new job.
  • Enter the Job name and hit the Next button.
  • Tick the Upload your data option and press Next.

Step3: Azure Tool installation and copy SAS URL 

  • Here, tap on the Show Network Upload SAS URL.
  • Copy the URL and paste it into the Notepad. 
  • After that, move to download the AzureAZCopy Tool and install it.
  • Open the tool and enter the command.
  • At last, press the Enter key.

Step4: Create a CSV file to import the PST file into Exchange Online

  • Create a CSV file by specifying the user mailboxes where you want to import the PST file.
  • Download a sample PST file mapping file.
  • After saving this file in your system, edit it using MS Excel as per your requirements.

Step5: Create the Outlook PST import job in Microsoft 365

  • Follow Step 1 to create a PST import job in Office 365 after creating the mapping file.
  • Then, tick the I’m done uploading my files, and I have to access to the mapping files option. Hit the Next button.
  • Upload the CSV file that you have created in the earlier steps.
  • Tap the Validate to verify the file to check any errors and click on the Save button. Then, hit the Close button. 

After following these steps, users can perform the PST to Office 365 migration using manual methods. Here, users even can apply the filter before moving PST files into Microsoft 365.

These manual procedures are very lengthy and consume a lot of time to complete the migration process. Moreover, users should require proper technical knowledge to handle the manual methods for this task. Novice users may find these methods confusing and complicated. Therefore, it would be the best option that users to choose a professional third-party tool to migrate PST to Office 365 without any difficulty. For this, we suggest users to use the Shoviv professional third-party tool.

An effortless way to import PST file into Office 365

Shoviv PST to Office 365 Migration Tool is the perfect solution for users who want a quick and accurate recovery of data. This software comes up with so many features and gives a better working experience to its users. It offers a filter option that users can use to include particular items of PST files for moving them into Office 365. Moreover, this software has a user-friendly GUI, so users can easily migrate PST to Office 365 mailboxes. 

It provides an option to migrate the PST file directly into the Live Exchange Server without any difficulty. Users also can use its free demo version for more details on its features and learn how it works.

Final words

In this guide, we have learned the manual methods procedure to accomplish this task and also mentioned the Shoviv PST to Office 365 Migration Tool. We suggest users use Shoviv professional third-party tool to move forward with their migration process. This tool is the quickest and easy way to perform your task.