Sea or Air Transportation – Which Method Is Better

Sea or Air Transportation

Modern organizations often have to contact logistics companies that carry out international container transportation by various modes of transport – by land, by sea or air Transportation.  

This method is considered relatively inexpensive and safe, therefore it is quite popular among various companies in need of this kind of service. The main disadvantage of sea or air transportation is its slowness – by sea, delivery can be carried out within a month or more. If you need to transport any technique, equipment, clothing or footwear, etc. and the delivery time is not limited, then this method is quite suitable for you. In addition, with the help of sea transport, you can deliver various goods of all types and sizes.

Delivery fromAir freight from China to Canada is much faster than by water – it will take just a few days. This method is chosen by companies for the transport of dangerous goods or with a limited shelf life – usually food products that require the provision of the necessary conditions. In terms of safety, this is also the most acceptable option compared to road transport. But air transportation still has a drawback – its cost is quite high. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions and weight of the transported cargo, since they do not always coincide with the capabilities of air transport.

Based on the above, it is impossible to definitely say which method of transportation is better and which is worse – it all depends on the delivery conditions and the company’s capabilities. Therefore, you should first think over and calculate everything in order to find the most optimal option.

Advantages of air travel

  • Delivery speed
  • Air delivery from China to Canada is carried out within a few hours. This is beneficial when you need to transport perishable products or you just need to perform an urgent cargo transportation.
  • High reliability
  • For this reason, valuables purchased in China are preferred by many to be transported by plane. During air delivery, the goods are loaded onto the plane once and unloaded at the destination, which minimizes the risk of damage to the goods or theft.
  • Customs control
  • There is no need to check the cargo at all border crossings. The transported cargo is checked only twice: at the point of departure and at the point of destination.

Disadvantages of Air Travel

  • High cost
  • This is the most expensive way of delivering cargo from point A to point B. For this reason, jewelry is often transported by plane (the cost of delivery will still pay off many times over).
  • Impossibility of door-to-door transportation
  • Upon arrival at the airport, the cargo must be moved to more mobile transport, which leads to additional costs.
  • Attachment to the weather
  • Air delivery is more dependent on the weather than others. If sea transportation from China is allowed even in more or less unfavorable weather, then in the case of an aircraft, any gusty wind may cause the flight to be canceled. This often leads to an increase in delivery times.

Advantages of Shipping

  • Low cost
  • This is the main positive feature, thanks to which wholesalers can transport large consignments of goods at quite affordable prices. The delivery price directly depends on the fuel used to operate the vehicle and on its quantity. For a sea vessel, it is needed several times less than for a train or an airplane.
  • Versatility
  • Almost any product can be transported by sea: raw materials, fuel, cars, metals, everything that belongs to the category of oversized cargo.
  • Ease of loading
  • Containers are used to transport goods by sea. All of them are standardized, that is, they are used all over the world, in any port. This simplifies loading and unloading operations, because specialized equipment located at the places of departure and arrival practically does not differ in the principles of work.

Disadvantages of Shipping

  • Slow delivery times
  • This means that perishable food cannot be transported by sea unless it is frozen.
  • Attachment to the weather
  • Sometimes the departure of the ship can be delayed for more than one week. Air delivery from China, for example, if postponed, is most often for several days. And storms at sea can last for a long time.
  • Possibility of losses
  • In ports, cargo can be easily lost due to confusion in documents,

Thus, you should choose sea or air Transportation delivery in cases where you need to perform urgent transportation or you need to transport precious goods. Sea transportation from China is beneficial in situations where you want to save on delivery, you need to transport oversized cargo.

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