Lip-smacking Thai Cuisine
Lip-smacking Thai Cuisine

People bond over food. So, when you are in Amsterdam you can relish the Thai hospitality and bond together with your loved ones, right there. People in Thailand are warm and friendly and frequently bond socially, just as you and I love to bond with our friends and family. The Netherlands offers you the same by helping you create a strong warm “food bond” at a good Thai restaurant nearby. Moreover,  if you are health conscious and want to pamper your body with veggie goodness, the Royal Thai restaurant in Amsterdam should be your destination. 

Thai cuisine

Thai food and Thai dishes are somewhat influenced by the spices and flavors of India. The fresh green herbs and spices used in large quantities in the foods are good for health and boost the immune system. 

Though Thai food has a brush of India, it is distinct and unique in its qualities. The green chilies, the red peppers, and the yellow curries are an integral part of this cuisine. Moreover, they increase the disease-fighting ability of the body. Along with specially procured ingredients such as galangal, lemongrass, and holy Basil, plenty of Indian spices are also used to make Thai curries and foods. If you want to check out delicious and lip-smacking food delicacies, then head straight to a Thai restaurant nearby. 

Main flavors in Thai foods: 

Thai dishes are not authentic if they don’t have the following flavors in perfect balance:

  1. sweet
  2. salty
  3. bitter
  4. sour 
  5. spicy

Commonly ordered dishes:

Whether it is a group of people dishing the spices together in a dish at home or a couple having a cozy dinner at a food joint, there are some commonly ordered dishes. The favorite dishes of the people relishing Thai cuisine in their homes or outside at a  Thai restaurant nearby are:

  1. Meat or a fish dish
  2. Loads of vegetables cooked well in spices
  3. Soup
  4. Noodle dish

Normally, people order soups in a bowl independently, but the rest of the meal gets shared amongst all. The restaurant staff has to wait patiently because the meal will wind up slowly. Not only do people savoring Thai dishes eat very slowly, savoring each bite, they also love catching up on news on the dining table in the “Thailand way”. So wait for the vacant table before letting the other guests in.

The Thai Desserts:

The after-dinner is never complete without the sweet dishes. For this assorted tropical fruits, especially pineapple, mangosteen, guava, sweet tamarind, bananas, papayas, etc., stay a favorite dessert with most Thai food lovers, as an after-meal sweet. Other dishes, taken as a sweet after meals, include rice dumplings with coconut, bean dessert, rice cakes, or grass jelly. 

Whether it is fried seafood cooked in red curry paste along with veggies or steamed shrimps served with vegetables and vermicelli stirred with soya sauce, Thai food can leave an everlasting impact on your mind. For people who have had their chance at savoring these yummy delights, to those who haven’t tasted it, Thai cuisine is famous all over the world for its tangy flavors. To understand more about flavors and spices head to the Thai restaurant nearby for some yummy food sampling. 

Highlights of Thai foods:

Fresh vegetables in plenty: Thai food is incomplete without its accompaniment of fresh vegetables. Rest assured, your meal is full of healthy ingredients and extra vegetables as a side dish. The Soups and vegetables contain plenty of chilies, lime, lemongrass, and galangal. The rich flavors make the food delicious. 

Cooked on high: 

Thai food is stir-fried on full fire and high heat. On top of it, very little oil is used to prepare the stir-fried dishes. Most of the nutrients and flavors get retained in this because of quick-cooking

Less concealed fats:

Thai food does not contain dairy products. This means that the food does not use creams and different spreads to fix it together. Less concealed fats make the food light and tasty.

Low salt and low sugar:

Most of the chefs use palm sugar. Basic refined sugars have a higher GI, but palm sugar has a lower GI. The lower GI provides Thai food with a distinct taste. Cooks preparing Thai dishes do not use normal salt. Rather, they cook with fish sauce. The food now gets loaded with the goodness of nutrients, proteins, and minerals. 

Thai restaurants serve the best and authentic food today. Just visit the Thai restaurant nearby and taste the flavors for yourself. Let your taste buds sink into the tenderly cooked fish and chicken, delicately sautéed veggies, and vivaciously colored fruits in a Thai restaurant nearby. We promise the tastes will soon latch onto you forever. The incredible flavors leave an undeniable presence on your mind. 

Why do people love Thai food?

1) Spicy food: Many people prefer hot and spicy meals, and they choose authentic Thai cuisine. Heard about Pad Kee Mao and Nam Prik? These spiced-up goods taste divine and are really spicy. If you have other choices, order a hot sauce you prefer and get the chef to add extra spice to it if you want.

2) Thai is full of natural goodness: Delicious foods can be prepared from the basic ingredients easily found in nature. The environment is overflowing with natural resources, and Thai foods have natural foods in plenty. 

3) Thai food uses basic ingredients such as rice. The flavors are intense and have a fabulous aroma from the spices used. 

4) Variety: Thai cuisine has a variety of lip-smacking dishes to offer, and these can keep your palate occupied for days and days. You can never get bored with these meals because they have a variety of tastes to offer. The textures, flavors of different types of ingredients can please your taste buds for a long time.

5) Affordable and delicious: Thai food is great fun. It is delicious and full of flavors, both mild and strong – you can enjoy them all. Head to the Thai restaurant nearby and order your meal to savor your favorite food flavors. 

Health benefits of Thai foods:

Thai cooking is fast and done on high flame. This is the reason why stir-fried foods retain nutrients and vitamins better. Thai cuisine has plenty of health benefits because of the rich and nourishing ingredients used in its preparation:

Coconut milk: Full of antioxidants, coconut milk is an important ingredient in Thai foods. Coconut may be oily, but it contains healthy fats good for the body. It boosts immunity and acts on the metabolism of the body.

Coriander: Coriander is rich in Vitamin C and has a high iron content. Coriander works great with digestive issues and is a nutritionally rich herb used in plenty in Thai food.

Lemongrass: Cold, arthritis, fever, headache, and fungal conditions all improve with lemongrass. Commonly used in Thai dishes, lemongrass also helps in digestive activities. 

If you are visiting Amsterdam and long for Thai food, then you know where to go. The authentic Royal Thai restaurant offers yummy food made out of good quality ingredients. Walk up to the Thai restaurant nearby and order some tasty dishes and exotic foods. The food joint offers excellent services to their clients. With a friendly staff and comfortable ambiance, the restaurant is a class apart from the others. The Royal Thai restaurant in Amsterdam promises you a meal of a lifetime and won’t let you miss out on authentic Thai food. 

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