Tips For Safety During Lightsaber Dueling

lightsaber dueling

Swinging a lightsaber is a fun and exciting endeavor, just like any other sport or hobby. However, taking simple safety precautions is essential to minimize the risk of injury. So how can you do saber swing and still maintain safety? Here are some tips to help you stay safe during lightsaber swinging and dueling.

Select a duel-worthy lightsaber. Interestingly, some lightsabers are safer than others. When buying a saber swing lightsaber, look for a lightsaber without sharp edges anywhere on the hilt of the coupler. Sharp edges can cause injuries on your hands or cut up your opponent during the duel. So when swinging your lightsaber, avoid using sharp-edged ones. In addition, it is vital to purchase a lightsaber installed by a reputable saber company. It will help you get a quality lightsaber to enhance safety for you and your opponent.

Ensure you install a blade plug on the hilt whenever you remove the blade. Installing a blade plug on a handle of a lightsaber enhances safety. A blade plug helps prevent the bright in-hilt LED light from shining in someone’s eyes.

Always ensure you duel or spin in open environments. Dueling and spinning lightsabers require more open space than you might think. So always choose an empty room, a free environment, or a backyard. Waving a lightsaber around in a closed environment, like inside an apartment, is dangerous because you could knock over some items in the house. So, consider monitoring your environment and using a shorter lightsaber blade for a safe saber swing.

Be informed that not all lightsabers are toys. Most lightsabers that trade for more than 50 dollars are not toys; they comprise metal and plastic. So while getting yourself a new lightsaber, be sure you buy the proper saberswing lightsaber, which is safe for dueling.

Safety gear during dueling is another factor to consider, which is why wearing safety gear during dueling is a priority. Like any sport with protective gear, lightsaber dueling requires safety gear. If you are into lightsaber dueling, you should consider buying protective gear such as gloves, padding, and protective headgear; it ensures you enjoy your combat and keep you safe.

The type of lightsaber blade you use can either break or make you. So for safety measures, select a worthy duel lightsaber. And to do that, you will have to use midgrade polycarbonate blades for light dueling or thick-walled polycarbonate blades for heavy or full combat dueling. Another vital factor is to select edges with round blade tips when dueling rather than pointed tips which might hurt your opponent.

Lightsaber dueling is exciting and fun but can also be dangerous, just like other combative sports. And as the game progresses, lightsaber duels can get intense, especially for more advanced levels. In addition, more complex moves will involve acrobatic movements, which might increase the risk of getting injured.

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