Roofing Services Downriver MI.: How to Cancel a Bad Roofing Contract


The aftermath of a hailstorm doesn’t always end when the mists break. In order not to get yourself trapped, learn how to cancel a bad roofing contract using roofing services Downriver MI. There is a great deal of experiences with many property owners who signed roofing contracts and at the end regret their poor decision. Contracts with these bad companies always consist of 15% to 20% cancellation fee. Also, the contract could be canceled within 72 hours if the fee must be avoided.

Know Your Right to Rescission

According to Michigan law, any roofing contract signed at a consumer’s home may be canceled within 72 hours without any cancellation fee. This 72-hour right of rescission should be listed on each roofing contract; frequently it’s not. If the homeowner is within 72 hours, they should immediately send a cancellation letter and email to the roofing company. 

They should also contact the company by phone to tell them they’re canceling the contract. According to Michigan law, there are several other reasons that a consumer can cancel a roofing contract without paying cancellation fees. 

The Issue with Money Upfront

The ability of a homeowner to get out of a contract after the 72-hour right of rescission period, without paying a cancellation fee, is determined by another external factor: regardless of whether the consumer paid the roofer money upfront.

On the off chance that money has been paid upfront, the homeowner is undoubtedly stuck in the contract and unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of options. On the other hand, if no money has been paid upfront, we have some word of wisdom about how the homeowner can get out of the bad contract. 

Here Are 3 Steps To Get Out Of A Bad Contract 

Below are three professional steps to find your way out of a bad contract:

1. The property owner should call the roofing firm and request to talk with the firm’s manager. Peacefully explain to the manager you’ve changed your mind and might want to cancel the contract without paying any cancellation fee. If the roofing firm agrees, immediately, make it formal on a written record and the homeowner is out of the deal.

2. On the off chance that the contractor refuses to cancel the deal, the homeowner should advise the contractor that they will enlist an autonomous roof inspector. This inspector will inspect everything about the roofing job. Then, at that point, advise the contractor that they will be searching for perfection of the done job. Anything done wrong will be redone, and the contractor will have the autonomous inspector’s fee taken out of their pay.

3. At the end, the property owner should advise the contractor that after the rigorous process of getting every useful detail correctly the homeowner will take forever to pay. 


Note that at this point, even a bad contractor will realize when to pick up and move on, cancel the deal, and continue to easier targets. The most ideal way to avoid this tough spot is to utilize a reputable roofing contractor that doesn’t play any of these games.

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