Homes and Roof Canton Michigan: Best Roof Shapes for Homes in High Wind Location


Most communities in the states would have experienced tornadoes with high, damaging winds. For your property to survive in a high wind environment, contractors for homes and roof Canton Michigan have concluded giving the best roof shapes for homeowners’ advantage. In Canton, Michigan, it is important to know the materials required for roof installation in high wind areas. Here are some vital questions you may ask your roofer to maximize your protection against high winds.

Homes and Roof Canton Michigan: Questions to Ask About Best Roofs for High Wind Locations

Here are some questions to ask your roofer in Canton, Michigan, about the roof shapes that will preserve your home during high winds. 

What Is the Measure of High Wind Speed a Roof Can Withstand?

According to roof experts, newly installed roofs can withstand winds up to 90 miles per hour. However, some other roofing materials are rated up to 150 miles per hour. If a homeowner is specifically concerned about damages from tornadoes or high winds, then the type of roofing materials used must be considered. 

Though homeowners can see damages caused by winds as low as about 50 miles per hour, if the roof is of age or not properly installed, the damages caused will be worse. Therefore, no matter the speed of the wind, it is recommended that homeowners call for a visual check to see if there is any damage on the roof after every storm.

What Are the Type of Roof Recommended Against High Winds

Homeowners living in windy locations often care to know the type of roof that can withstand high winds. Fiberglass and clay shingles are one of the recommended choices for windy regions. If the roofing is installed properly, some options can get it rated at 150 miles per hour. Notwithstanding, these options have further drawbacks: for instance, clay shingles could get damaged or break off during high winds.

For assured durability, metal roofing may be the roofing material to consider for sustenance during high winds. There are lesser seems and overlaps in metal roofing compared to other roofing options. It also has fewer pots where water or wind could get underneath the roof. These features make it an option for homeowners residing in windy areas. In addition, most metal roofing is rated to be about 150 miles per hour, which can withstand high winds and tornados.

What Is the Recommended Roof Shapes for High Wind Region?

For guaranteed wind protection for your home, a hip roof with four slopes pitched about 30 degrees is the best-recommended roof shapes. The idea here is that more slopes tend to handle high winds conveniently. Therefore, anything above a two-slope gable roofing will be great for wind protection.


Have you considered how your roof would hold up to high wind storms? Or are you concerned about losing some shingles or doing many repairs after a wind storm? Expert local roofing contractors at homes and roof Canton Michigan to help you out. Reach any of them in your locality and know more about the best roof shapes or installations to help your home withstand high winds and tornadoes.