Ronald Phillips New York Talks About the Most Popular Sports of the City

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New York City is home to more than eight billion people. A large number of them are sports fanatics who love to watch their favorite teams compete on a regular basis. Ronald Phillips New York is one of such fans. Right across the Hudson River is the state of New Jersey, where one can find some of the most popular franchises of New York, including the New York Jets, New York Giants, and New York Red Bulls. While fans from both sates do love to boast about their respective hockey and basketball team teams, almost everyone in the New York/Metropolitan area tends to come together during the soccer and football season.

Apart from the skyscrapers, Statue of Liberty, and Empire State, New York is also known for being the home of many renowned sports teams. There are numerous sports fans present across the city. In New York, baseball is still regarded as the most popular sport, followed by soccer.

  • New York Yankees: The New York Yankees have ruled the hearts of people in the city for more than eighty years, ever since they moved into the Yankee stadium in the year of 1923. It is the most successful sports franchise in New York sports history. The Bronx Bombers have won numerous World Series championships and American League pennants over the decades. Right from the ownership to the bottom of the organization, Yankees franchise is the model for a first-class, successful organization.  It is among the wealthiest teams in all of sports.
  • New York Jets: They are one of the best football teams of the city. While New York Jets were once considered to be the little brother to the New York Giants, they have managed to make headlines during every football season recently. New York Jets has emerged as the center of attention in the Big Apple, and gained numerous admirers
  • New York Red Bulls: While they do not get much media coverage in New York, the Red Bulls are still the favorite of many.  A few years back, this team moved into a brand new state of the art soccer specific stadium, and out from the football stadium that they used to share with the Giants and Jets. This move brought brand new energy to the town, and led to more wins.
  • New York Rangers: The Rangers are extensively loved by the hockey fans of New York. Unfortunately, this team has a tendency of starting off well, but them well but fading towards the end of the season. However, they still are the best of the three hockey teams in town.

No matter whether a person is a fan of New York Yankees, New York Knicks or New York Giants, all of them readily wait for the matches of their favorite teams all year long. Ronald Phillips New York himself is a fan of sports teams like the Knicks, Yankees, Jets, Giants, Rangers, Mets, Nets, and more, and even writes blog posts about them.

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