Romantic Destinations For Couples – A perfect romantic getaway!

Dubai packages for couples

Romance is in the air! The world has many destinations for couples to get their romantic getaway. Isn’t it special to travel the world with the person you love, and you wish to make everything perfect? So here are the 7 Romantic Destinations for couples, ranked out of 10 for your perfect trip! Leave everything else behind, soak up with each other’s company and celebrate the love. But scroll down before to find the lovely destination for your perfect romantic trip. 

Let’s get started <3 

1. Paris, France 

2. Dubai, UAE 

3. Venice, Italy 

4. Bangkok, Thailand 

Paris, France 

Without a doubt, Paris is a perfect destination for couples. Paris’s air is filled with love and your visit here with your loved one will strengthen your love lifelong. The magic of Paris has attracted a lot of couples from all over the world, and the true charm of this city lies within its tiny details: soft-crusted pies, fancy tea cafes, beautiful streets, trees, and whatnot! 

Things to do: 

1. Sail across the Seine and have a scrumptious dinner with your partner. 2. Explore Parc des Buttes Chaumont and you can spend some adventurous time together. 3. Visit the Eiffel Tower and witness the 360° view of the city of love. 

4. Indulge your sweet tooth at any Paris bakery (sweetness + love = deadly combination!) Why this place is romantic: Paris is all about love! No doubt at all! 

How romantic this place is: 10/10 

When to go to Paris: All round the year except for July-August. 

How to say “I love you” in French: Je t’aime. 

Dubai, UAE 

Dubai packages for couples is one of the most selected packages in the world and is filled with a lot of adventure and elegance. This place can also be perfect for couples to explore together. For couples who love amusement parks, desert safari, exotic hotels, and more, this is the place to visit and charm up your love. 

Things to do: 

1. The first thing that pops up in mind by the name of Dubai will always be “Desert Safari.” Get an experience of adrenaline rush with your partner. 

2. Shopping at Dubai Mall (especially for girls!), World’s largest mall! It is the largest romantic destinations for couples for shopping, having entertainment, amazing food and fun! 

3. Have a romantic dinner at the Dubai marina cruise. Explore the city from the water while having a perfect dinner with your loved one. 

4. You can visit Wild Wadi Water Park and enjoy your day. 

Why this place is romantic: This place is a mix of love and adventure. Who doesn’t love to have an adventure with their partner, right?

How romantic this place is: 6/10 

Best time to go to Dubai: November to February 

How to say “I love you” in Arabic: احبك انا) ana ahibuk) 

Venice, Italy 

Venice, the city of water, is full of immense beauty and love. Venice is a worth exploring place and it will be a perfect trip with your partner. Undoubtedly here you can experience romance in the canals, the gondolas, ravishing architecture and much more. 

Things to do: 

1. Go for a Gondola ride in Venice and explore your love. 

2. Stroll hand-in-hand across romantic Rialto Bridge, such marvellous engineering. 3. Visit the Campanile Bell Tower, and have a look at the paradise city from the top. 4. Explore St. Mark’s Basilica, a wonderful church in Venice perfect to visit with your loved one.

Why this place is romantic: A floating city makes you feel like you are in paradise! How romantic this place is: 8/10 

Best times to go to Italy: April, May, June, September and October. 

How to say “I love you” in Italian: Ti Voglio bene. 

Bangkok, Thailand 

Bangkok has plenty of things to do for couples, from enjoying a cruise along the Chao Phraya River to exploring Thai food and a lot more things to do. And besides all, the most important thing is that both of you can enjoy your time in Thailand’s capital. 

Things to do: 

1. Visit temples: Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew, Loha Prasat, and more. 2. Spend quality time on Pattaya beach. 

3. Enjoying a hot spring bath and massage is a great way to spend a romantic outing.

4. Visit Cru Champagne Bar, spend a night with your partner while having some champagne. 

Why this place is romantic: A place where love meets divinity. 

How romantic this place is: 6/10 

Best time to go to Bangkok: September to May

How to say “I love you” in Thai: P̄hm rạk khuṇ (to a girl); Chan rak khun (to a boy).

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