Restore the rhythm of your car with car brake service

Brakes, one of the essential parts of the car, need frequent inspection and maintenance. If auto brake service is ignored, it can result in a sudden brake failure, which is a dangerous situation.

What is a car brake service?

The car brake repair service includes the check-up of the whole braking system, identifying the brake problems, determining whether all the brake parts such as brake pads, brake fluid, rotors, etc.

car brake service

If you have driven a car more than 12,000 miles and you have not taken your car to the car brake service to get the brakes inspected, then it is time to do so. Also, if you have driven the car for more than one year, it is an excellent time to get the brakes checked and get the brake fluid changed.

The brakes also give a number of signs to indicate that the brakes need overhaul and repair. If you experience signs and symptoms of malfunctioning brakes such as squealing noise, wobbling vibration when braking, leaking fluid, soft break, burning smell, etc., it is the time to visit Car service Adelaide. The brake repairs and brake shops offer stellar services and provide cost-effective solutions to their clients.

Why is a car brake service essential?

A car brake service is vital in ensuring the safety of you and the passengers in the car, truck, and other vehicles. The brake repair, replacement, and inspections are also vital as it impacts the value of your car.

Brakes are a part of the machinery, so they are designed to wear out. The brake pads rub on the disk and can cease to work. Worn pads must be checked thoroughly to prevent braking problems in the future. A complete inspection is the best option to find underlying problems, what needs to be repaired, and what needs to be replaced.

Regular brake maintenance also ensures the proper functioning of the other parts. The brakes engage other parts as well every time you press the brake pedal. If your pads wear, they start putting stress on other parts of the brake system like rotors, drums, callipers, etc. If these parts become damaged, you will spend other hundreds of dollars on your repair bill.

When to get the Brake Service?

Brake problems are common. The brake starts signalling the driver when it is not functioning correctly. Here are the signs that you must not ignore.

  • The brake pedal becomes spongy. It presses down further, unlike the usual.
  • The moment you apply the brake, the vehicle steers right or left
  • Braking is making unusual noises like squealing, squeaking, and grinding sounds.
  • The brake is making wobbling vibrations at the time of braking
  • The steering wheel of the car shakes
  • The car wobbling or pulsates when the car is running at a high speed
  • In many automobiles, the brake warning light also gets on when the brakes are faulty.
  • The brakes are not stopping immediately, and it is taking some time and distance to stop.
  • The brake pedal needs you to exert more pressure.
  • When you press your brake, the pads create a friction
  • The brake rotor is dispersing heat in the vehicle

So, as a vehicle owner, you need to understand whether the car brake is behaving differently than usual. Assessing these signs will help you assess whether your brake system needs car brake repair or replacement.

What does a brakes repair service include?

A full car inspection includes a comprehensive check of the vehicle along with the break. However, just the brake assessment services include the following:

  • Checking all brake functions and ensuring that the same works efficiently. 
  • The measurement of brake such as determining the thickness
  • Inspecting the brake fluid levels, and correcting it. 
  • Checking if there are leaks in the brake system. 
  • Finding whether the Rotors and drums are functioning correctly.
  • Whether wheel cylinders need replacement or repair
  • Brake hardware inspection and looking for the signs of wear and tear
  • Finding the brake hose problems and checking whether they have worn out
  • Determining whether the brake calliper and rotor re-alignment is necessary.
  • Checking if Brake hose replacement is essential. If yes, then car brake replacement providers do their job. 

How do they work?

When you take your vehicle to be inspected by a certified technician, the team of professionals identifies the issues impacting the smooth working of your braking system.

  • Firstly, they conduct a deep inspection and check the entire braking system.
  • Then, after identifying the major or minor issues in the brake panel, they give a rough estimate of the necessary work along with the expected cost.
  • They will brief you on the work they are planning to go ahead with.
  • They will tell you the estimated timeline of the delivery of the repaired vehicle.
  • Then, they seek recommendations and listen to your concerns, if any.
  • The technicians also brief you with the parts needed to be replaced.

Quick fact Check

You might not know that the way you use your car’s brakes makes a difference in the car’s operational efficiency. If you apply enormous pressure on the brake or press it down too quickly and hard, then along with decreasing the fuel efficiency, you are also lowering the life of your brakes.

This way of driving the vehicle leads to brake pads and rotors wearing out much ahead of their time. Repeated heavy braking leads to early brake problems. So, this is the time to be wary!


Brakes check and repair are critical to keeping you and your family safe. Keep checking the signs of brake damage and take quick action.

Do not ignore if the brakes make a high-pitched and squealing sound whenever you apply brakes. Take your car to the mechanic and determine the root cause of the problem.

If you want to reduce your long-term emergency repair expenses, then get the brake checked today! Many cost-effective car brake specialists provide the best services.