Reliable Purchase price allocation and Impairment testing

Impairment testing

Purchase price allocation means using goodwill accounting where one company is purchasing another company and allocates the price of purchase into different assets and liabilities that have been acquired. It is important when a company is taking over another one and often requires financial advisory services to get things done smoothly. Most of the companies in today’s market hire financial advisory services and financial modelling constants who not only advise the company on important matters but also do research, analysis and all the work involved. 

Another important process companies need to undergo is Impairment testing. It is a test to measure whether an item in the balance sheet is actually worth what is mentioned in the balance sheet. If the Impairment test indicates a value that is lower than the one stated, the value of the item needs to be reduced. It is applicable for both commercial and tax accounts. The accounting standards and tax jurisdictions in various countries may vary and rules can be different about the things to be tested, how and when. 

Companies need to be careful about the evaluation process and need to hire dedicated professionals who can do an in-depth business valuation and help in passing an Impairment test with flying colours. The process involves several nitty-gritty and weighs in several factors which a company might not be able to do on its own. For companies who have multiple businesses or cash-generating units, the testing is done at each business unit level. 

Several long term depreciated assets might also need to be tested when there is an indication that they might be of a lower value than what is stated. Liabilities can be tested as well. So there are a lot of factors when it involves Impairment testing of a company. It is best to hire companies like Spring Galaxy who offer professional financial advisory and financial modelling consultancy apart from business evaluation services to get things done by experts.

Spring Galaxy is one of the most trusted and dependable Financial modelling and transaction advisory services with corporate offices in Singapore and Malaysia. The team of expert professionals to in-depth analysis and research and come up with the appropriate solutions for client-specific business needs. There are several areas or aspects of a business that needs specialized advice and planning should be done accordingly. Doing market research, studying feasibilities, dealing with commercial due diligence, etc are things that cannot be overlooked. Our services can help you with all of it and help you focus on areas of priority. The company is committed to providing tangible support to the clients in matters of strategic decision making by modelling the possible investment outcomes or the values of the investment targets, intellectual properties, intangible assets and various other financial instruments. Business owners often try to reduce the cost and seek services that cost less than the usual service prices. But they miss out on several important benefits of comprehensive analysis and reports done by certified professionals. Hiring the right services helps businesses to minimize financial risks, minimise potential tax, negotiate funding agreements and take care of many more key aspects of a business. 

At Spring Galaxy you get a world of services with customer support and client interaction of the highest order. Some of the services we offer are:

  1. General Business valuation: A service every business needs today to strategise and make decisions.
  2.  Purchase Price Allocation and Impairment Testing: Experts at Spring galaxy also have you covered with Purchase Price Allocation and Impairment Testing services.
  3. Tax related business valuation, Intangible asset and Intellectual propert valuation.
  4. Intangible Asset and Intellectual Property valuation: Evaluating the Intangible assets and Intellectual property like patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc is necessary to know the actual valuation of the business or company.
  5. Financial modelling and consultancy
  6. Valuation of stock options and derivatives
  7. Services like industry studies and research, commercial due diligence, feasibility studies and business plans as well.

Our headquarters are located in Singapore with another corporate office in Malaysia. We offer our services to clients with different kinds of businesses all across the world. Our long list of esteemed clients includes privately and publicly owned companies, law firms, audit firms, investment organizations and government entities as well. Our team includes highly qualified and experienced professionals with great expertise and industry knowledge. We also have strategic alliances with some firms as well. 

Purchase price allocation and Impairment testing are handled by experts in the field to oversee a smooth and hassle-free process. Companies can put their evaluation and financial modelling needs in safe hands with our trusted advisory service. 

Companies looking for financial advisory firms to take care of all their financial consultancy needs can hire the services of Spring galaxy and attain great results like the several clients spread across business and countries. Get in touch to know more about the services and put your needs in trusted hands.

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