Amazing Ways To Reduce Your Shipping Cost Drastically

best way to reduce shipping costs

Shipping is the building block of any business that impacts the cost of goods and the ease of doing business. Sometimes higher shipping cost affects our business growth and leads to losses. A healthy shipping service that provides door to door worldwide services will help you to flourish your business all around the world and aid in the growth of your business. 

Being a businessman, you must put all your efforts into reducing the cost of your product by paying less for shipping. You can do so by the tips given below to acquire a good profit in your business.

10 Ways You Can Follow To Minimize Your Shipping Cost

These below-listed tips are powerful enough to drop your shipping charge by 10 to 30 per cent. All the businessmen whose businesses are dependent on shipping must follow these ideas to reduce their shipping costs. So, make sure to try these ways to reduce your shipping cost and give your business a boost.

1] Stick To One Logistics

Sticking to one logistics has great advantages, as it gives you a better edge to bargain with your logistics service provider. It also makes a healthy relationship with your service provider and helps you maintain consistency in business growth. Your loyalty to their company will always give them a reason to give your some additional discount.

2] Choose Reputable Shipping Companies 

Make sure the service you are getting should be from a reputed firm that can even give door-to-door worldwide services. A reputable shipping company will always charge you at your convenience and want to maintain a good relationship with you. A tier 3 or tier 4 company will try to make a profit as much as they can.

3] Low Weigh Packaging & Customize Dimensions Of Goods

Make sure that your shipping goods weigh as low much as possible because low-weight packaging charges less than high-weight. A similar case is with the dimensions of the packaging, where the lesser dimensions of the box, the less money you will have to pay. So, make sure about your own packaging and know your package size to avoid extra expenditure.

4] Try To Use Packages Given By Your Logistics

It is also found in some cases that personal packaging leads to paying dimensional fees. So, to avoid the dimensional fee, try to use packages provided by your logistics service company. Yeah, it helps them to do their advertisement, but it will impact your shipping cost too.

5] Always Find The Best Insurance

Shipping companies charge extra money for product insurance that you can claim in the condition of damage or loss. This may lead you to have extra extra-expenditure on your shipping, but it can be a profitable decision in the long term. You can also look for several other third-party insurances where you will get the best insurance coverage at least price.

6] Negotiate With Several Logistics companies

Negotiation is the best way to make win, and it is applicable in all fields of our life. Hire a company that negotiates with several warehousing and logistics services to find the cheapest one as per your need. You will get the most appropriate company as per your need with some extra benefits in the form of discounts.

7] Choose Hybrid Services

Always go with a hybrid logistics services company where you will get the flexibility of moving your shipping. This won’t let you switch your logistics company and pay extra for it. A hybrid services-providing company gives you the flexibility to ship your product in all modes, i.e. road freight, rail freight, air freight, and air freight.

8] Observe Your Shipping Destination 

The shipping companies charge as per the distance and the location too. If you are shipping something, make sure to choose a good location where they will charge less. Make sure to observe your shipping location or choose the best location in your area where they are charging the least.

9] Look For Discounts

Whenever you are going for a logistics service, never forget to look for discounts. A good discount can reduce your shipping cost by up to 20 per cent. You can also explore different logistics services where you need to pay the most suitable price. Most of the time, companies give seasonal discounts or festival discounts, so always be ready to avail of the offer.

10] Online payments

Online payments are also the best way to reduce shipping costs, as many shipping companies give additional discounts on online payments. You can get up to 20 per cent discount on your shipping charge, which may vary from company to company. 

Wrap Up

The above tips no doubt can reduce your shipping cost drastically and can aid in your business growth. There are several ways by which you can reduce the cost of your shipping and always help you to make your job done. These tips will definitely help you to turn down and give your business successful growth and stay ahead of your competitors.