Recent Favourite Ethnic Picks- Ft Male Influencers

favourite ethnic picks

Inspiration is all around us, we only need to notice them! Whether we talk about life goals or fashion styles, inspirational ideas definitely play an important role in finalising our choices and preferences. That is why fashion influencers are so much in demand. You love following them and getting ideas from their styles. Today, let’s take a look at some really cool and trendy ethnic picks chosen by top fashion influencers that can help you decide on your next look for the next function you’re going to attend.

Kurtas with jeans –

You often pair your regular-wear kurta for men with your denims and jeans and set off to work or casual outings in it. However, the fashion trend takes this inspiration and makes you party-ready instantly. You just need to pair a pastel coloured solid coloured kurta for men with denim jeans, or you can also pick an embroidered kurta with some work and wear it with the same bottom. With your sneakers completing the look, you are ready to woo the crowd just like the top fashion influencers do! 

Kurtas with dhoti –

The Rajwadi style is back in action, and just how! All thanks to the fashion influencers who have made ethnic wear for men the latest trend.Wear a golden-colored or any neutral-shaded Rajwadi-style heavily worked kurta with a neutral-colored dhoti.Yes, wearing a traditional chappal or juti suits this style too! You can also add a turban over this style if you think the occasion is too special. Otherwise, just a broach over your kurta looks perfect. 

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Kurta with Aligarhi styled pajama –

Normally, any type of kurta looks perfectly alright with an Aligarhi styled pajama. However, if we look at the trends set by fashion influencers, we can see that they love wearing the Aligarhi type of basic style kurtas with the same type of pajamas.These are appropriate for formal occasions as well as regular work days.You can even attend your friend’s wedding wearing this style of kurta pajama if you pair this attire with a formal pair of sandals. 

Angrakha styled kurta with pants –

Another trend that we closely see the fashion influencers adorning is an Angrakha styled kurta. Yes, they wear these in various vibrant colours and attractive patterns and pair this kurta with a similar shaded pair of formal trousers or pants. You can complete this look by wearing nice cuff links with the Angrakha kurta and styling it with your formal shoes or sandals. It’s the ideal party outfit, as almost all fashion influencers swear by it, and it can help you make a good impression at any event.

Kurta with a jacket –

Jackets, we mean the ethnic styled jackets that look extraordinary and captivating, especially over your kurtas. The fashion influencers flaunt all types of long and short ethnic jackets with all sorts of work, like bandhni printed jackets, mirror worked ones, and even the traditional worked Indian Nehru-style jacket. These can be a great addition to your kurtas, instantly enhancing your appearance and making you festive and party ready.