Reasons Permanent Jewelry More Sustainable?

permanent jewelry

The latest craze in the fashion world is simple bracelets and anklets. However, they’re not just plain bracelets or anklets – they’re designed to be in place permanently. Like a tattoo, permanent jewelry is something that is going to stay as long as possible. It’s designed to never come off, though it can be taken off in an emergency situation.

Permanent jewelry consists of simple designs, often just a gold chain or a chain with simple gems on it, that are permanently welded together. A jeweler will put the piece around the buyer’s arm or leg, then weld the last two pieces of the chain together. There are no clasps and no way to take the jewelry off at the end of the day.

The main premise behind this movement is to create jewelry that is far more sentimental. Since it’s always worn, it’s a fantastic way to remember a loved one. The designs work with every outfit, so there’s no need to have certain jewelry for one outfit and different pieces for another. With the way permanent jewelry works, they are a more sustainable option compared to standard jewelry options.

Made to Last

The new permanent jewelry is designed to last. High-quality materials are used to ensure the jewelry will not tarnish, rust, or start to fall apart. They are generally solid gold, though there are options that are gold-filled or gold-plated. The jewelry is non-toxic, so anyone can wear it and won’t have an issue wearing the same piece of jewelry every day for years. They’re designed to last through the shower, swimming, and other activities, so they won’t need to be replaced.

Throwing away jewelry creates more waste than many people realize. A lot of the jewelry worn today is intended to be almost disposable. It may be made from low-quality materials, so it won’t last longer than a year or two, or it may be intended as a fashion piece that’s thrown away when fashions change. Permanent options, on the other hand, will not be thrown away. They’ll continue to be worn for years.

Sustainable Materials

Companies that sell this type of jewelry often look for sustainable materials for their creations. Consumers interested in permanent jewelry will want to ask questions about where the materials are from and whether they’re sustainable. Sustainability can include thinking about how sourcing and using the materials impact the environment, not just how the end product will have an impact. Companies today often use more sustainable methods when creating jewelry, such as using renewable energy to offset their carbon footprint. Look for companies like these to minimize the impact the creation of the materials has on the environment.

Uses Recycled Materials

A great way to make sure the jewelry is sustainable is to look for ones made from recycled materials. Recycling in jewelry production often includes melting and reusing gold to create new bands or using stones from broken jewelry to create a new piece. Both of these methods help reduce waste while still ensuring high-quality materials are used to create the new jewelry. Plus, they can be used as a way to incorporate old yet sentimental jewelry into a new piece. Companies that provide permanent jewelry will often use recycled materials in the products to help minimize the impact on the environment.

The latest in jewelry fashion, permanent jewelry, is something that isn’t going away any time soon. Simple yet elegant, the permanent jewelry available today comes in many different options, so there’s something for everyone. A jeweler can install the piece, after which it will be worn for many years, not casually tossed aside because it doesn’t match the day’s outfit. If you’re looking for a more sustainable option for jewelry, want to cut down on trying to match jewelry for the best look, or you want a sentimental piece you can wear forever, take a look at the permanent jewelry available today.