Quality and professionalism in automatic doors


The use of automatic doors is increasingly common in shopping centers, hospitals, offices and in homes. Today companies have different types of entrances and automatic doors that provide access to different sectors of the buildings. Its use provides security and agility in operations.

These automation systems for automatic doors demand great control and precision, so the choice of each model of automatic door for a building or home must be the result of a precise study.

In this article we will show you what are the different types of automatic doors available on the market, and why it is important that they be installed by qualified professionals.


Sectional doors

They are distinguished by the particularity of opening vertically, and their installation is independent of the space available.

The most important characteristics are the optimization of space, and mainly security because, once the door is closed, the anti-leverage system automatically blocks it, preventing possible theft in the event of no power supply.

Fast doors

Their main characteristic is that they are very fast opening and closing doors. This quality saves time because the workflow is more active and faster.

The doors are lighter as they are not made of heavy or rigid material. It is safe if an accident occurs because the door itself would mold to the body of the person or object.

There are devices that are attached to detect movement and prevent the door from closing when a car or person is passing.

Counterbalanced overhead doors

This type of door is complemented by a counterweight. They differ from the others because they fold towards the ceiling and this allows you to gain space.

Single or double leaf doors are available. They are the most suitable for large spaces, such as loading docks.

Guillotine doors

They are easy to handle and very durable doors. One particularity is that they need a space to stay. They have an anti-fall system in case the door breaks to avoid accidents.

Sliding door

Among its characteristics are the high level of security and its easy handling.

They are used for large installations, where space needs to be limited. There are models of different materials and types such as glass doors, refrigerators, hermetic, barrier, firebreak and pedestrian.

Articulated doors

It is characterized by being a door that is resistant over time. Easy to handle, they are tilted doors and made up of two leaves with their proper counterweight. Its opening system is vertically inward, never outward.

This system is characterized by providing aesthetics and security. They are more used in commercial premises since they allow the visibility of the interior of the store.

There are two types: blind and visible. If you have a local or commercial store, this is your type of automatic door.

Telescopic Doors

They are used for large places where there is a lot of traffic of people and constantly. They are recommended doors for hospitals, stores, supermarkets and shopping centers among others.


As professionals, it is very important for us to advise the client to install the most appropriate automatic door for their needs.

This advice can only come from a technician with the necessary qualifications, who knows the qualities of each type of automatic door, the client’s budget and their use and space needs.

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