5 Qualities of a Great Plastic Surgeon

great plastic surgeon

There is more to life than just appearances. However, there is still no doubt that working on your appearance is a good sign of social value. Deformities in your appearance will occur due to various reasons, and this is why you need a great plastic surgeon. However, choosing the right surgeon requires an informed perspective. Luckily, this guide offers helpful tips to improve your ability to choose a good surgeon:

1. A Professional Establishment

The first and easy way to determine you are working with a good plastic surgeon is whether they have a professional establishment. It should be a fully functional medical facility that can support your plastic surgery needs.

These can include facilities such as parking space, a consultation office, and a fully equipped surgical room. Be on the lookout for these facilities as they will help to show whether the given practitioner is ready for the task at hand.

Most plastic surgeons are available through the Google My Business platform which is highly convenient. Plus, it also offers a section of reviews, from previous clients of the given service.

2. Board Certification

Medical surgery is a delicate process that requires training and in-field experience. That is the reason why your surgeon should have some form of board certification. The certification is an excellent indicator of the training the surgeon has acquired.

It’s just the same way you would expect a driver on public roads to have a license. In the USA, the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is the responsible entity for this process. You have to determine whether your surgery gets recognition from this organization.

Moreover, the years your surgeon has accumulated based on their licensing is a good indicator of their service quality. Usually, great plastic surgeons will print out the licenses and have them in a secluded area of their practice. Common setting examples include on the walls or desks.

3. Good Online Presence

The other sign of a great plastic surgeon is that they have an excellent online presence. You probably started the search for a good plastic surgeon online. Expect a good surgeon to have a resource such as a professional website. The website should detail their services, prices, staff contacts, location, previous customers, and more.

Some surgeons are even active on social media and have groups where they can interact with clients. Such an open platform gives you the perfect place to gain first-hand insight into the quality of services a surgeon can provide. It shows your surgeon is digitally savvy and cares about offering services in a holistic manner.

4. Post Operative Care

Excellent surgical services don’t stop with the surgery process. A good surgeon also follows through with their patients and monitors their health progress. You will need follow-up sessions to help determine whether the surgery was a success.

Aside from that, post-operative care also involves asking about the patient’s experience with their new appearance. A top plastic surgeon realizes that most patients have a strong emotional attachment to their appearances.

The post-operative process might also include recommendations for follow-up surgical or medical procedures for the patient. All these measures occur with the aim of giving the patient the best recovery results.

5. Record of Accomplishment

The record of accomplishment each surgeon holds is an important indicator of their quality of service. You can learn more about your surgeon’s past projects such as through social media, trust pilot, or their website.

Plus, you can also visit the surgeon’s physical facility and ask for evidence of previous projects with other clients. Be keen on clients who had similar surgical needs, experience, and demographics (age, location, or gender) as yours.

Remember to be inquisitive when looking at these previous projects with your surgeon. Ask any relevant question that pops in your head. Doing this ensures you have no concerns when it’s finally time to go under the knife.

Plastic surgery is no longer a contemporary fad, but an excellent way of boosting your appearance. While you have to do your homework before choosing a suitable service, the process is easy with the right approach. There are several plastic surgeons out there today, and it’s good to choose the best one for your budget.

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