Fuel Your Fire: 5 Proven Ways To Stay Motivated For Your Workouts

workout motivation

Some people in this world opt for triathlons like they are a walk in the park, while others are allergic to mere walks in the park. Although we may perceive triathletes as superhuman, the simple truth is that they do such challenging workouts because they have found joy in them.

Science tells us that we need to exercise to feel better holistically. Our mental health suffers when we are not physically active, and our physical health is at risk, too.

So yes, working out is essential for our well-being, but it does not mean we must hate every second of it. If you choose the right activity, exercise can be a happy moment that you will want to do daily.

There are a couple of simple things to remember if you want to fuel your fire and work out regularly, and the following are the top five to keep in mind.

1. Turn Your Workouts Into Social Events

If you dread working out early in the morning or after work, a surefire way to fuel your workout motivation is to turn it into a social event. Find your ideal workout buddy or buddies. Your workout partners must be people whose company you enjoy and crave daily. These people will motivate you to meet and move even when you feel too tired to workout.

Workout buddies are helpful, but it does not mean your partner has to be a workout enthusiast. The person can be just as skeptical about exercise as you. The important thing is that you encourage each other to meet and move instead of skipping the workout for something less healthy.

2. Get A Personal Trainer

If you have the budget and want someone who will eradicate your excuses, then a personal trainer is the best person to get you on board the workout train. Find someone within your budget who will come to your home to work out. You cannot skip a workout or make up an excuse if the trainer shows up at your house.

A personal trainer is an excellent option if you have a specific idea of how you want to shape your body. Although there are limits to how your body can change, a personal trainer can customize your workouts to target problem areas and keep the intensity of the workouts consistent.

A trainer can also help you change your diet to feel more energetic, lose weight, and improve your overall health.

3. Do Something You Love

High-intensity workouts and cycling burn calories fast, but if you dread these kinds of exercises, avoid them because your motivation will dwindle quickly.

All activities, even the gentle ones, can help you lose weight. Walking one hour a day can just as quickly help you lose weight if you do it consistently as weight training and other intense workouts can.

Find an activity you love, whether dancing, climbing, or swimming, and switch things up when you get bored so you never tire of working out.

4. Find A Genuine Reason Why You Want To Workout

Some individuals can be motivated to lose weight to fit into a garment, while others need a more intense reason to work out regularly.

If you have a genuine reason for working out, then your motivation will not dwindle. Ask yourself why you decided to exercise. Have you been feeling unwell physically or mentally? Do you want to live a healthy life for your loved ones? Do you want to be an example to someone you love? Figure out the reason that compels you to exercise and write it down somewhere you will see every day so your motivation remains strong.

5. Find The Thing That Triggers You Into Action

Knowing what triggers you into doing something difficult, like exercise, is vital because it will get you out of bed and ready to move. If you are naturally competitive, why not set a goal to compete against yourself? You can also ask your partner for a friendly competition to get you fired up.

If competition is not your thing, reward most definitely is. Work out on a reward system where you do something you love after a workout but opt for something healthy. You could watch your favorite episode after a workout or during. You can buy your favorite coffee after an intense class or take a cat nap if you have time.


Although you may not naturally love exercise, you can grow to love and crave working out.

The former reasons are helpful because they will get you out of bed in the morning or excited to work out after a long day at work. Yet, after a while, you may start craving exercise, and who wouldn’t? Working out gives us an adrenaline rush you will want to experience regularly. It helps us feel better physically and mentally and makes us feel younger and happier, no matter the challenges we are going through.

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