How to promote your WooCommerce store effectively?

WooCommerce store

Ecommerce stores are everywhere. With ecommerce CMS options like WooCommerce and Shopify around, companies no longer have to rely on seasoned developers to build websites.

Even a non-techie and get an ecommerce website up and running in a  matter of minutes.

Starting an online store is not a problem. However, promoting a new WooCommerce store is a major challenge. There is huge competition in every mainstream field and it is difficult for ecommerce startups to make their presence known.

Success is only possible with a real foundation of digital marketing.

In this piece, we cover three ways you can promote your WooCommerce store effectively.

#1: Get your store in order

Marketing begins at home. Before trying to find customers, you must make sure your store works seamlessly.

Offering a seamless website experience will enhance your chances of getting sales and conversions.

How can you make sure your website is optimized for sales?

The first step is making sure your performance is optimal. The following tips can help you improve your website experience and performance:

  • Choose a reliable web host. Your website must be able to handle spikes in traffic without any trouble. Website lags and slow response times are a major reason people abandon online shopping carts.
  • Reduce your customer journey as much as you can. If a new user needs to go through seven landing pages to purchase a product, something is going wrong with your website.
  • Make sure your design and appeal resonates with your target audience. For instance, if your target audience consists of older users, using mainstream color schemes is a better idea. This is because mainstream color schemes inspire more trust.

#2: Run Facebook ads

Facebook ads are the best way to make sales on your website. SEO organic traffic can take a lot of time to build up.

If you need sales, you need to master Facebook ads.

Facebook doesn’t just mean Facebook. Mastering Facebook ads also means you can promote your products on Instagram as well.

There are a number of articles on how to run a good Facebook ads campaign. The following tips will summarize some of the essential tips on running Facebook ads:

  • Create a good set of creatives which present the product in the best way possible.
  • Make sure your call to action is clear and directs users toward action.
  • Don’t tell your audience to reach out to you on multiple channels. Make it clear where you want your customers to go.

#3: Email marketing

Acquiring new users is very expensive. This is why you need to make sure your existing customers keep purchasing products regularly.

This is where email marketing can be a major channel of engagement.

Set up promotional emails for your customers. This will ensure you engage with your existing customers and don’t spend your budget on acquiring new users.

In conclusion

Setting up a WooCommerce store is not difficult. However, bringing people to your store can be a big challenge. is a great institute to learn digital marketing. You can take up the best known digital marketing course in Delhi and learn how to promote your ecommerce store.

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