Top-Free Methods to Print Complete Outlook PST Mailbox as PDF Document

outlook pst mailbox as pdf document

Synopsis/Oversight: We are aware that storing Outlook emails as PDFs can be difficult and time-consuming, particularly if you have a large number of Outlook emails to store. We have identified some of the greatest modern ways to address this issue, enabling you to quickly convert Outlook emails to PDFs together with any other data, including attachments. Now let’s get going.

How can I manually convert an Outlook email to a PDF?

Here, we’ll go over four of the newest and most effective manual techniques for saving Outlook emails into PDFs. To do this assignment, we have utilized Gmail, print, and other techniques. Each of the techniques is described in full below, one by one:

First method: print emails from Outlook to PDF

  • Navigate to the Outlook account.
  • Choose the email you wish to convert.
  • From the File tab, select the print option.
  • Select Microsoft Print to create a PDF.
  • Finally, press the print icon.
  • Select a method to turn an Outlook email into a PDF after that.

Way: Export Outlook e-mails to PDF

  • Launch the Outlook program.
  • Go to the necessary email correspondence.
  • Select File > Save As from the menu.
  • Select HTML under Save-as-Type after choosing a path.
  • Open the HTML file in Microsoft Word now, then save it as a PDF.

Method 3: Use Gmail to Convert Outlook Emails to PDFs

You can use this procedure if you have exported your data in PST format and you are not using an Outlook email client. Here, a Gmail account will be utilized as a third-party tool. The following lists each technique in detail, one by one:

1. Use GWMMO to import PST files into Gmail.

  • Put the GWMMO tool in place.
  • Gmail login credentials, including email address and app password.
  • Give all the necessary authorizations.
  • Transfer your PST file to the computer.
  • After checking the required data box, click the “Migrate” icon.
  • The live conversion of an Outlook email to a PDF will now begin.
  • Following the procedure, an OK icon will appear, allowing you to confirm.

Step 2: Create a PDF file from Outlook emails.

  • Get into your Gmail account.
  • Now choose the required email from the folder that was uploaded.
  • Select the “More >> Print” option.
  • There will be a window. Select the other parameters and the Save as PDF option.
  • To convert an Outlook email to a PDF, click the Print icon.
  • To store the obtained data, browse the destination.
  • Finally, choose the Save icon.

You can now read the entire manual restriction after viewing all of the manual techniques. These are explained in full below:

Why do manual approaches not work well?

  • There is no manual way for users to simultaneously save numerous Outlook emails to PDF.
  • The first method involves installing Outlook and connecting it to a paid account in order to convert an Outlook email to a PDF.
  • In approach 3, you also need to install Gmail and the GWMMO program.
  • Moving your data has a significant risk of data loss.

Expert and Lossless Method for Converting PST Files to PDF:

Use the WholeClear Outlook PST to PDF Converter, a powerful application that quickly converts PST files into PDF format, to prevent problems with your Outlook PST files. You can convert numerous PST files at once with only a few clicks. Everyone can use it, even those who are not tech-savvy, thanks to the user-friendly UI. Now let’s take a quick look at the full article.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is it possible to save Outlook emails with attachments as PDFs?

To increase your level of efficiency, this program can convert all of your Outlook data—including contacts, calendars, attachments, and more—into PDFs at the same time.

Does this utility translate data while preserving email components?

Yes, our program keeps the original email components—header, text, formatting, etc.—as well as the original folder hierarchy.

Acquiring Final Thoughts,

Therefore, it is wise to employ a professional solution if you want to mass-save Outlook emails as PDFs. Users can examine the features and functionality of this product in its free demo version. I hope you enjoy the piece.