Your Ideal Guide to Prepare Your Property for Viewing

2 BHK flats in Mumbai

When it comes to properties available for sale in Mumbai, you should know that the options are plenty. You can easily find studios, flats and other housing units in different configurations for all families, big and small. However, the most popular choice among buyers happens to be 2 BHK flats in Mumbai.

As a seller, your main concern is to present your property to buyers in such a way that helps them make the decision faster. The process of home buying is no less than a hassle, involving numerous steps. Among them all, viewing the property before finalising is one of the most important parts of a house-buying decision.

Presentation matters a great deal when you are preparing the property for viewing. When prospective buyers come to take a look at your property, you have to make an effort and show your home in its best condition. Rather than making buyers think how great it could be, show it to them. Go all out to impress. How?

Here are some effective ways to present your property to buyers in the best possible way:

Adopt the Viewer’s Perspective

You need to look at your property from the buyer’s perspective. Taking guidance from a reliable real estate agent could help you in this regard as they can advise you as to what really sells.

It is natural to get emotionally attached to your home. And even though you are moving because you are relocating, getting a bigger home, or due to any other reason, the emotional link is still there.

See that the buyer can picture himself on your property. For that, you have to present your home as a blank canvas. Get rid of personal effects such as family pictures, children’s artwork, and souvenirs. In a way, this could help you start packing your stuff for the move!

You can take inspiration from top residential projects like Piramal Aranyaon how they market their properties. When researching their properties, you would see that they keep the decor to the minimum even in their 3D tours.

Enhance Curb Appeal

First impressions matter and that’s the truth. Improving the outlook of your house is as important as working on the interiors. If you have a front garden, make sure it’s clean and well-kempt.  The windows should be clean and the front door should look inviting. These tend to create a big impact on your buyers.

Work on Presentation

You have to ensure that you present your property to the views in the best light. Thoroughly clean your home/apartment. If there are carpets, make sure they are cleaned professionally. After that, do a quick vacuum and wipe down the surfaces before each viewing. View each of your rooms as critically as you can.

If the room smells rusty, see that it gets good air. Doing so before the viewing can be great. You can add a bowl or vase of fresh flowers or use scented candles. Ensure that the fragrances are light and pleasant. Also, if it is dark you can add a warm lamp and get rid of the dark shades or curtains.

Pay Attention to Flow

Flow is an invisible element of home or flats in Byculla, but it matters a great deal. It is basically the way the viewers navigate through your home. See that their movement is uninterrupted. Again, the best way to test the home’s flow is thinking like a buyer.

Go outside. And enter the house as if you are entering for the first time. Did you find any obstacles? How did it make you feel? Did you feel interrupted as you moved from one room to another?

Small Tweaks and Renovations

Of course, the people interested to buy your property wouldn’t share the same taste as you. Take a look at your home décor from an outsider’s perspective. If you have personalised your home, how about you revamp it in neutral tones? Neutral colors make the rooms appear larger and spacious. This is a key selling point and makes the viewer see it as a blank canvas where they could flaunt their style and taste.

There might be few areas in your home that need repairs. Although large renovations are cost-effective, small repairs and updates, like fixing loose handles, filling in dents, and covering up cracks can make a big difference.

Create Focal Points

You could really make your property pop by creating focal points in your home. Also, you don’t have to hire a decorator or interior designer for it. You can do it yourself. For example, if you have a gorgeous window, see that it is both accessible and accentuated in the room. Got a stone fireplace? How about putting a big painting above the mantle or on it to draw attention? Plants are great as well.

Even then, always remember that less is more.

Squeaky Clean Bathrooms

When it comes to bathrooms, cleaning wipes are your best friend. Although the new flats in Byculla have got beautifully built bedrooms and bathrooms, they still need to be sparkling clean. Give all the surfaces a quick wipe. It is better to put away all the toiletries. Stow them away. You can use a pretty box or basket to put them in.  Also, clear away the bath toys of children and hang clean and dry towels.

Focus on the bath and shower fittings as well. See they don’t have any spots or leaks.

The Living Area

Decluttering is necessary before every move. Since you are putting up your property for sale, get rid of all the useless stuff. Clutters make a room look cramped and overwhelming. Pick up all the extra items from the surfaces. The features like windows, fireplaces need attention. Pull away the curtains and make way for natural light to flood in. If there are items in front of the window that block the natural light, change their position.

The Kitchen

Clean kitchens and bathrooms make great first impressions. Clean and polish all the surfaces as well as the handles, fittings, appliances, and cupboard fronts. If you are selling the appliances, make sure they are in working order and clean, especially the oven. Again clear the clutter from the surfaces. If you have pets, then see that their bowls are cleared away as well.

Airing the kitchen is the most important. You wouldn’t want any lingering smell of the breakfast you cooked in the morning right? The kitchen should smell fresh and clean. The most appealing aromas in the kitchen are of freshly brewed tea or coffee or bread getting baked in the oven. Like any other room, you can use a nice smelling scented candle for an appealing aroma.

Show The Storage

This might surprise some. But storage is one of the most important things. Especially for families. Even a single person – if they are a hoarder. Nowadays, everyone has lots of stuff. Buyers need to know if they have a place to put all of their things. Do not take your prospective buyer straight to the storage area. Take some time and organize the storage area. Simple changes can make a big difference. Think racks, drawers, and hangers.

If your storage space is overflowing, then you should focus on it first. Send the stuff over to your new house if you can, take a short-term self-storage unit, or ask a friend/family member to keep the bulky stuff for a day. These can include high chairs, prams, children’s toys, or old furniture you have kept for refurbishing.

Here are some other tips to bear in mind before getting your 2 BHK flat in Mumbaifor viewing. Remember, it’s the little things that count:

  •  If it is winter, then put on the heating early enough to create a cosy and warm environment.
  • The property should smell clean and nice. Pay special attention to toilets and bathrooms.
  • Keep some refreshments ready according to the season. Tea or coffee when it’s winter and some refreshing lemonade or juice in summers for the viewers.

Small details can have a huge impact on how your house is perceived. You can also take inspiration from home décor magazines. The internet, particularly Pinterest is full of great ideas that you can use.

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