How Can Permanent Makeup Help Women Regain Their Confidence? & Other Benefits of Permanent Makeup 

an eyebrow tattoo

A key role in a woman’s confidence plays the way she loves herself. Little children are not playing with mom’s makeup to simply be like her, but to embody the person she is and the self-confidence that an adult woman has. Makeup that accentuates the beautiful face, the well-fitting clothes, and shoes, add to the confident version of the person wearing all of this. 

What children don’t know is how much time, effort, and skill it takes to be shown up as that b*** every day. Even makeup gurus take a while to do simple face makeup, and if you work a regular job and have children or simply tight schedule makeup can simply take too long to do each morning. However, you shouldn’t need to miss out on empowering yourself because of any external or internal factor. We all deserve to feel pretty and confident every day! Permanent and semi-permanent makeup options exist. If you are not certain whether it is for you, check out the rest of this article. 

What are the most popular permanent makeup options?

Many judge permanent makeup as a simple tattooing process, without giving much thought to its importance in regaining confidence, especially after suffering from insecurities after an accident, a serious illness, or injury. Some of the most popular procedures include:

  • Microblading or eyebrow tattoo;
  • Eyeliner;
  • Lip liner;
  • Full lip colour;
  • Eyeshadow;
  • Coverups (for pigmentation loss, scarring, nipple loss, etc.).

Eyebrows and face hair after hair loss 

Maybe the most known permanent makeup option is an eyebrow tattoo. A Fuller and natural eyebrow look has been popular for a few years, however, the need for brow tattoos has existed for much longer. The cause of scarce eyebrow hairs can be simply genetics, the consequence of overplucking them, or an illness like alopecia or cancer treatment. 

The brows are done by carefully measuring the ideal shape and dimensions of the brow that will fit the client’s face. The microblading process requires the usage of special, sterilized instruments where each hair is tattooed individually, paying attention to the shape, length, and even colour of hair in the brow. The goal is that you will have perfect eyebrows 24/7, that doesn’t require special care for the next 12-18 months or more.

Cover scars and skin pigmentation

Skin conditions and face procedures can, unfortunately, leave the client with an issue with their skin pigmentation or even scars. The acne leaves scarring or pigmentation that might require an additional period to fade and recuperate, which you might not want to deal with after finally living without face inflammation. 

Other pigmentation issues might come from genetics like dark circles under the eyes, using suntanning beds (please don’t follow the idea to do suntanning, it is dangerous for many reasons), or simply after treating facial scars. Face scars can stay as a consequence of skin issues or accidents. Even something simple like a kitty’s playing or wearing long nails can cause little wounds that leave scarring. 

Face treatments and operations can also leave a scar that will make you feel insecure. The cosmeticians and tattoo artists that specialize in scar covering can help you with that by adding tattoos in the form of your skin colour over pigmentation spot. 

Permanent lip makeup for perfect lips

Whether you have uneven pigmentation on your lips or were born without a line that separates the lips from the skin around them, you might feel insecure and have issues with lipstick application. This can be prevented by practicing and finding the perfect shade that covers hyperpigmentation. However, you must know every lipstick comes off at the end of the day. 

To fight off this issue you don’t need to check your lips every 15 minutes, you can simply invest in permanent lip liner or colour your full lips and have the perfect kissable lips all around the clock. The colour is custom-made on the spot so that the shade fits your complexion perfectly. This is especially important with lip liner shade as you will still need to apply lipstick and lip-gloss. 

Solution for people who can’t do their makeup

Unfortunately, past traumas are not only candidates for permanent makeup. People with certain illnesses like Parkinson’s disease or conditions that cause muscle atrophy can make it impossible to do makeup regularly. People with different disabilities can also find it hard or impossible to do makeup, and whereas there are makeup artists that show that they can do it, not everyone can. Having perfect brows, lips, and skin doesn’t need to be hard to achieve and not all of us can take the time to practice or have the talent for makeup.

It saves time

Like any skill, makeup takes practice, time, finding perfect tools and formulas, and even a shape that will fit you. This requires time to not only practice, try out and look for perfect products, but also a budget for this and learning the theory behind the skill. Everything mentioned simply takes a lot of time, and whereas you might love doing makeup, you can still treat yourself to enjoy it to the fullest – permanent makeup or not. 

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Professional makeup every day

No matter the position you hold during working hours, there is sometimes a need to withhold a certain look throughout the day. Whether you simply enjoy being dolled up or you want to forget about your insecurity, the permanent makeup is your perfect ally. 

You know it yourself – a good basic look can save you from any surprise and will help you stay confident in yourself no matter the occasion. Especially if you are working in a stressful environment like a hospital, the makeup is not what you will be thinking about while saving lives, but you can still feel like a queen while doing it.

How to know you have chosen the right permanent makeup cosmetician?

As this is the procedure of inserting pigment under the skin, and the makeup is something that will last a long time it is important who will you grand trust. Always look if the cosmetician is certified, and be thorough while looking through their portfolio – the technique has to be immensely precise. The other thing you will need to look for is hygiene, as only sterilized equipment must be used for permanent makeup. 

If you came for example, to get a brow tattoo, the equipment and pigments should be opened in front of your eyes. Lastly, you should go to the person whose style you like and whom you feel secure with. This is, after all, the makeup that will help you feel and see the perfect woman that you are, and you don’t make excuses for showcasing your beauty.