Optical Gas Imaging

Optical Gas Imaging


As per the Environmental Protection Agency, an average treatment facility or compound plant can radiate 600­-700 tons each time of VOCs from releasing gear, like valves, connectors, siphons, blowers, and so on 

That will stop here.. 

The OGI 640 (Optical Gas Imaging) camera unites the most recent in indicator, cooler and focal point plan for identifying and envisioning hydrocarbon gas spills. The amazing low SWaP stage is incorporated for coordination into monitored and automated elevated stages for looking over huge spaces of foundation in a quick and compelling way. 

Multi-Aircraft Control Mode 

●          Safely spot Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) spills 

●          Minimize emanations and guarantee air quality 

●          Scan huge regions rapidly, productively at a sensible expense 

●          Improve measure wellbeing by decreasing potential for flames or blasts 

●          Improve arranged or booked support fixes 

●          Increase usefulness 

●          Reduction of “unaccounted” gas 

●          Meet administrative prerequisites and lessen administrative fines 

●          Easy to decipher 

Included Features 

Identify Small Leaks Before They Turn Into Big Problems 

The OGI 640 Optical Gas Imaging camera center unites the extremely recent in finder, cooler and focal point plan for advancing the identification and envisioning of hydrocarbon gas spills . The mix of these best in class parts delivers the littlest, lightest and least controlled OGI camera center in the market today which makes it ideal for incorporating into gimbals or fenced in areas for automated aeronautical vehicle stages or fixed mounted, persistent observing frameworks. 

The Best Resolution On The Market 

The OGI 640 uses another cutting edge 640 x 512, 15μm pixel pitch HOT MWIR identifier cluster with an exceptional tight bandpass cold channel in a small, long life, shut cycle, stirling cooler with a f/1.5 virus safeguard and an enhanced reason constructed focal point to give unrivaled warm affectability. 


Tipping the scales at just 542 grams with a focal point and with measurements of <150mm the OGI 640 settles on this a simple decision for OEM’s and integrators. 

Picture Visualization 

The camera center additionally has progressed picture preparing elements like Local Area Processing,- Dynamic Contrast Enhancement, Noise Reduction Filter, Foreground and Background Boost Contrast, programmed gain and level control, 2x, 4X and 8x computerized zoom, various shading ranges and up to six alignment tables for various scene conditions. 


The OGI 640 centers are accessible with a decision of computerized and simple data sources and yields including Camera Link, Gigabit Ethernet, H.264, NTSC/Pal video and RS-232/RS-422 sequential camera control. 

Oil and Gas Industry 

A significant resource for checking and reviewing boring and creation wells, fuel gas lines, LNG terminals, above/subterranean gas pipelines, flare stack observing of consumed and unspent gas and other oil and gas industry foundations. 

Machine and Manufacturing 

Gives significant warm symbolism of gear and foundation, for example, vent stacks, blowers, generators, motors, valves, spines, associations, seals, terminals and motors. 

Tank Leaks 

Distinguish in any case imperceptible gas spills on destinations, for example, holder spaces of barges and ships, railroad tank vehicles, tank homesteads and capacity tanks. 

Automated aeronautical surveying 

Tipping the scales at just 542 grams with a focal point and with measurements of <150mm the OGI 640 is great for incorporating into gimbals or walled in areas for automated elevated vehicle stages or fixed mounted, nonstop checking frameworks.

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