Operation Of Automatic Doors


There is nothing more comfortable than an automatic door, especially when you have a business and you cannot be attentive to the constant arrival of customers. That is why today we will provide you with a small guide to the operation of automatic doors.

At Matic-Port we are aware of what an automatic door means in the daily routine of a business, and that is why we recommend the best automation on the market.

What are automatic doors

Automatic Industrial doors, as their name indicates, are doors that have a mechanism by which they open without the need to push them. This happens because a system is used that, using electricity, moves the doors when a sensor is activated to a certain side.

There are many places where doors are automated, such as garage doors or shop doors due to a need for greater comfort or because they are somewhat heavy to open and close constantly.

How do automatic doors work?

Automatic doors have a very simple operation, since they are activated by an optical or motion detection sensor, which “informs” the door that it must be opened or closed.

This sensor that determines when the door should be closed or opened, and is placed on the top of the door, above and on the bottom or on one side of it so that they can capture the movement that will initiate the opening or the closing the door.

The optical or motion sensor is connected to a transmission device that controls a clutch mechanism connected to a sprocket and to the door. These are connected by cables that perform the opening and closing movement of the doors.

Advantages they bring to customers


it is much more comfortable for both your clients and you to have an automatic door, since they do not have to be opening or closing it every time they want to enter. In addition, it is very useful if you want to attract an elderly clientele or those with mobility difficulties who find it difficult, since it is easier for them to open the door.

Easier access to customers:

As we mentioned before, many businesses incorporate automatic doors so that customers have easier access to the store, especially those who have mobility problems, such as pregnant women, older adults, etc.


did you know that traditional doors are a source of germs and viruses? Being touched by a large number of people a day, hygiene ends up being a problem in stores with a large influx of customers. With automatic doors, this problem is solved, since no one has the need to touch it again.

Energy savings:

stores with automatic doors tend to reduce air conditioning consumption and this results in low electricity consumption in the long term.


automatic doors are much safer, since a security system can be incorporated very easily. In addition, the fact that they open by themselves means that there are fewer accidents than with swing doors or incidents that occur when a customer is injured because the door is too heavy.

In addition, as for you, you will notice a reduction in expenses, since you will not have to incorporate personnel to open the door to customers, nor will you have to send maintenance personnel to clean the doors constantly, etc. It’s all a savings for you!

Of course, it will generate more sales, since all the advantages it gives to customers, attracts them much more to your store and you will see an increase in income.

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