Amazing tips for online shopping to stay safe during the global coronavirus crisis

online shopping tips

Due to the spread of Covid-19 infection, visiting local markets is risky and unsafe. You are advised to stay home and not to mingle with outsiders so that you can keep your family safe. Amid the quarantine and isolation phase in India, online shopping is the best way to stock up products of all requirements. Hereby, you can compare prices, find bargains, and save money from anywhere with an internet or mobile data connection. Eventually, before you place your order it’s important to consider how urgently you need the products. Because during this health crisis, online retailers are prioritizing more essential items, and so, it can slow delivery times for other orders. Besides the rising popularity of e-commerce shopping websites, the risks have also increased as more and more people are trying to scam or steal data.  So, you should act wisely while shopping and follow a few simple rules to enjoy favorable shopping experience.

Make a budget

The first obvious tip is to consider your household needs and how much you can afford to spend at a time. During the current scenario, when income is at stake, you should keep track of your salary and avoid buying unnecessary items. Setting budget plans for your requirements will help you make smart spending choices. Buying items like groceries or medicines for home delivery is an ideal way to shop when on a budget.

Buy only from a reliable site

Shopping online will provide a pleasant experience only if the website you’re visiting is legitimate. So, make sure the website has valid encryption, positive customer reviews, and contact details on its site. Generally, a real online store will have many followers and respond to your query promptly. For best quality products, browse and explore the topmost e-commerce sites of India.

Save money from online sales

Almost all online retailers provide discounts, offers, coupons codes, and exciting deals to promote their online products. Although it is a vital part of the market strategy of commercial businesses, you can take benefit from these economic plans. Today, you can grab the incredible offers on a wide range of products in Flipkart sale. Here, you are assured to get exciting deals,  discounts, and spectacular sales.

Quick service through mobile apps

From street shopping to smartphone shopping apps, the trends of buying and selling have undergone a significant change. Nowadays, online shopping apps are setting new shopping trends in the country. With several shopping apps introduced in the marketplace, you can easily pick and choose the best shopping apps. Likewise, Flipkart mobile app is a popular app that showcases millions of products and over 3,000 brands. The app gives easy accessibility and a smart way to compare different products so that you can buy as per your needs.

Protect your data

You should avoid sharing extra information on shopping protocols. If personal details are asked in-depth, you should contact the customer service centre so that you can use other identifying information. Moreover, instead of creating your account, it is better to use the guest checkout option if applicable. Still, if you come across something peculiar and suspicious, you should just walk away.

Update your software

No matter which smart device you are using for buying goods online, you need to keep your data safe from malicious attackers who generally target the software. If your computer isn’t safeguarded from potentially malicious software, your financial information and passwords are at risk. However, an updated version of a browser can prevent cybercriminals from exploiting any database. So, keep your software updated and refrain from installing shady plugins and extensions.

Don’t fall for scams

Sometimes, ads, deals, and offers that you get via emails are misleading. You should think twice before responding or clicking to the links provided in the spam emails. Even if it looks too good, you should beware of spam traps and blacklist providers. To prevent fake traps, you should unsubscribe the subscription and regularly keep your list clean.

Change your password

Any misuse of your password can cause tremendous harm. So you should choose a strong password having letters, numbers and a special character. Spending just a few minutes, you should frequently change the password provided in the shopping sites. Change is necessary because your password is a definite source of accessing your personal and financial data such as credit card and bank account. Thus, make sure you don’t divulge your password to anyone even if it is one of the most popular shopping sites.

Check delivery and return policy

Due to restricted mobility during the lockdown, deliveries and returns may take a long time. Though a few prominent online retailers are providing time slots, yet you should support them in this regard if a little delay. However, it is better if you place your order a few days before you need them. Inquire of what carriers they use, and whether your item will be shipped within 10 days or not. Also, check the return and cancellation policy before ordering for your needs.

Avoid suspicious form of payments

Paying for your online purchases is easy because you are just asked to choose cash-on-delivery, net banking, or mobile payments. Regardless, you should know that payment fraud is prevalent in the online market. And so extra carefulness on your part is essential when you make payments. You should keep an eye on your statements regularly to detect any fraudulent charges instantly.

Take note of the above tips for safe transactions with an e-commerce website. Some online merchants charge high shipping fees that can turn your shopping bargain into an expensive deal. Check out if they provide tracking and insurance facilities. In this way, you should consider each tip carefully and enjoy safe online shopping experience. Even during this period of hardship, shopping networks are offering ultimate customer service. From canned foods to disinfectants and face masks, you can buy almost anything. Goods are delivered straight to your doorstep without even leaving the comfort of your home. The entire online process is safer than going out even if you’re fully masked and gloved.

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