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In these times of health crisis that we are going through and faced with the various instructions to apply, you have had to temporarily close your small non-essential businesses. Even as you get up every morning to keep your business alive, to live off your passion, to respond to your customers’ requests, to satisfy them … we want to help you continue to occupy the space, thanks to a presence in line.

The visibility of your business goes through an online presence and the creation of a website. Creating an e-commerce site takes time, and time is precious. Right now, we believe your goal is to keep selling and making money as quickly as possible! An e-commerce site also requires technical programming knowledge, see the help of a webmaster developer. This is why we offer you our turnkey solution to create your website and sell online.

Your online business

Indeed, thanks to our solution we allow you to be present online and inform your customers of your offers with ease thanks to our Site Builder Pro formula offered by Advise Host.

Available at less than 3 $ / month on Advise Host with web hosting and domain name included (website creation section). This offer is unbeatable in terms of price and it is quick and easy to set up a small online store. Indeed, you simply have to name your products, add images, prices…

Choose and register your domain name. Your domain name must correspond to your non-essential businesses, if the name of your store is free, register it quickly. In this case, choose a name as close as possible, or add the name of your city for example. This will allow your regular customers and future customers to find you easily.

The most common domain extension is the .com. But you can also choose another extension like .net, .org, .IN, .cafe, .restaurant or even .boutique. Many extensions are available to accompany your domain name and thus your online identity.

Your articles online

Thanks to SiteBuilder Pro site creation formulas, you can be present simply in a few clicks and put your non-essential businesses online to continue the link with your customers.

Choose a theme that suits you. More than 195 models are available for free. There is one that looks like you and matches your activity.

Then with a simple drag and drop, add your logo, your photos, and images of your articles. Write your presentations.

Your online presence is simple and easy thanks to Sitebuilder Pro’s simple interface. No need to know any programming language or code, just drag and drop each feature and section you want on your website. The software is delivered turnkey. For more details, follow this tutorial “How to create an e-commerce store with SiteBuilder Pro” you will discover the ease of use!

Keep selling

With SiteBuilder Pro website builder software, creating a website has never been easier. You can continue to sell your few products thanks to the e-commerce modules available with SiteBuilder Pro. You have payment modules such as Paypal, adding your basket and adding a catalog of products simply. All you have to do is customize your products for sale and enter your prices!

This quick and efficient solution will allow you to continue to be present and sell online.

In addition, you can link your website to your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Get closer to the essential thanks to your social networks and share the articles of your website with ease.

However, this solution is only for a small number of items. You can of course modify them as your sales progress.

For multiple item sales solutions, more comprehensive e-commerce site building software is required. For this, we recommend our optimized e-commerce formulas with preinstalled Prestashop and Woocommerce software with which you can develop your store.

The SiteBuilder Pro solution allows you to create an e-commerce site without technical knowledge, simply and quickly in order to stay online!

So don’t wait any longer, create your blog or website now and sell your articles online with our SiteBuilder Pro software 👍

Do not hesitate to share this article and tell us which formula you have chosen according to your needs. 😉

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