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Online marketing

Online marketing is all about driving traffic to your website or moving all the leads down to the sales funnel so that they can retain loyal customers. There are various ways of doing the process. You can implement paid as well as non -paid marketing strategies such as social media marketing, influencer marketing etc. Also, driving traffic is one of the keys to converting people, which you might be doing through google ads and other tools.

But the reality says that no marketing strategy is fixed; the trends and algorithms in the market evolve from time to time. Therefore, you must change your strategy to get maximum returns on your investment.

In other words, it is not necessary if you follow a single strategy, and you will keep on increasing revenues and conversions. Therefore, you need to know how to create a marketing plan and execute it. To grow more revenues, you need to have a well-strategized internet marketing plan.

Read this blog to know how to create and execute an online marketing plan. It will help you to scale up your business and achieve the goals you desire.


While you are working on building an online store, there are certain time-saving tips you need to hedge upon. Let’s know them so that you can work with your team :

1. Take advice from the mentors :

It would be advisable to ask for advice from the companies and individuals who have already created a strong foundation in this business and the same industry. Ask them the following essential questions – such as how did they start? And what channels did they use to propagate the brand? How did they track users’ data? Did they use an agency?

2. Hire experts in the process :

While starting your e-commerce business, you need the in-depth knowledge and expertise of a marketer who can add value to your business. In such a scenario, you can hire a freelancer who can help you with branding products, advertise them, and maintain your websites.

Bring in a fresher perspective that aligns with your capabilities.

3. Be honest with yourself :

Your path to success is incomplete without the qualitative products, proper funding and a workable team. You can always use test & trial methods to set the goals and objectives more realistic. Sketch the roadmap to your business’s success and be honest with what all resources you have to what you want.


Chalk out the business plan with suitable methods and well -sorted out strategies. If you want to attain success in the long term, you shall bring out an effective e-marketing strategy that will pass the test of the times.

  • Summarize your plans : After taking the mentors’ grip of knowledge, jot down the steps you will take while crafting the e-commerce marketing plan. Write a brief executive summary before implementing it into action.
  • State your goals and objectives : Make your goals clear and specific to your team—state down the metrics along with the goals that you desire to achieve. For example – If you want to enhance sales by 20 % during the festive season, make it a target even if it might result in the same or not. Remember to make realistic goals.
  • Define the purpose of your company : You shall be clear about your company’s purpose in terms of what you want to perform or what needs to be eliminated. You need to have a clear mission.
  • Decide whom you want to target : If you are not yet clear of whom you want to target and where your customers are located. Your campaigns will remain ineffective, failing to get leads, low conversion, and wastage of resources.
    Use segmentation and personalization to target users based on their interests, on-site behaviour and other demographic factors.
  • Devise pricing strategies : Before adding a price tag to your products, do wholesome research about the market. You cannot force your targeted customers to buy an overpriced product. You can ab test and use other tools to redefine prices in the product’s lifecycle. But you can always plan before devising a price strategy.
  • Plan the distribution strategies : Have a clear understanding of how you would fulfil order requirements as it matters a lot in leaving a long-lasting impression on the customers. Even if you have a small team that is doing the packing and all the stuff by itself, you must know if the processes are meeting the customers’ demands.


Now comes the executive of the online marketing plan to earn success. Below are some of the key steps to begin with :

1.Lead generation strategies :

Form the strategies to capture leads and nurture them. Use lead forms to capture subscribers and engage them with relevant content to turn them into leads. You can form funnel sales and marketing strategies, including how you can engage the leads at every stage of the funnel, right from brand awareness to the action stage.

2.Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns :

Employ the reporting tools and software to track the effectiveness of the campaigns. Ask yourself if the technology you are using can track the KPIs, such as the revenues and conversions. Double-check yourself in both cases. You can use google data studio to gather the information you need.

3. Expand your e-commerce strategies :

Once you know how your strategies are working, you can further test new strategies and allocate the budget accordingly. It is the stage where you can speed up your growth momentum if you are getting effective ROIs. You can increase your budget and follow the below strategies :

  • Joint ventures: Once you earn a minimal amount of success, you can collaborate with other brands. Align your shared goals, create strategies that can benefit both brands.
  • Drive sales: Enhance average order value or offer discount codes to get larger purchases on orders which are 50 % higher than your current average order value.
  • Referral marketing: You can offer your customers rewards in return for referring new customers. Such customers can be your brand ambassadors at the same time. Referral marketing can enhance customer retention rates.


Below are some of the tactics for  Online marketing to create an online marketing plan :

a) Pay per click advertising :

It is one of the essential elements of the online marketing strategy. As per the pay per click advertising, you would be paying Google if someone clicks on the advertisement. There are paid search, display and other campaigns which are essential to your success.

b) Content marketing :

Content marketing plays an essential role in promoting your business to create awareness amongst the target audience. You can use various content types to reach your customers, such as videos, blogs, and infographics. It is known as inbound marketing. Also, you will invite more traffic to your website.

c) Influencer marketing :

Online marketing gives you a lot of space to reach out to the target audience through various marketing types, such as influencer marketing. You can collaborate with the influencers as they already have a customer base, you can shoot up your sales effectively.

d) Social media marketing :

Social media is vast and exponential. You can devise social media marketing strategies such as youtube marketing, Instagram marketing and create content so that people can interact easily with your brands. The new features of these social media channels are already creating rage and helping the brands reach their target audience. Also, enables you to practice brand reputation management.

e) Email marketing :

Email marketing is the most traditional and effective way of engaging the audience. Email can help you earn higher conversion rates if you implement an effective email marketing strategy. You can automate the email campaigns or use email autoresponders to schedule campaigns for a scheduled point of time.

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