Why launching an On-demand Service app like Gojek is the need of the hour?

on-demand service app like gojek

For every business, user base and revenue are the two pillars. Business owners keep innovating methodologies that aim at gaining more user traction and driving revenue. Achieve this by offering featureful On-demand multi service app like Gojek. With an expert app development vendor, design a robust and secure app that fulfills user’s needs. This blog will whirl around the working model, features, and benefits of launching on-demand services apps.

The Basic Workflow of the App:

  1. Initially, the user will download and install the app and complete the registration.
  2. Then the user will surf through the app to find his/her desired on-demand services.
  3. Once the user selects the service, the admin will map the request to the provider.
  4. Then the service provider will confirm the request.
  5. The delivery person will deliver the order/package to the user.
  6. Based on the quality of service, the user will share ratings/reviews.

Here, we take pride in showcasing the Features of the app.

Profile details- The user can edit his/her in-app information like name, address, location, email ID. All these details will be stored with the utmost confidentiality.

Saved addresses– This features aids the user in saving the addresses of frequently visiting locations. With this feature, the user doesn’t have to enter the location every time.

Schedule bookings– With this feature, the user can pre-book his/her ride. The user will have to enter the date and time of the ride.

Booking history– The user can view the details of his/her past rides. The details include source/destination, waiting time, fare, the total number of hours traveled, number of km traveled, etc.

Diverse payment options– You don’t have to restrict the app’s payment options. Fulfill the user’s choices with various payment options like debit/credit cards, COD, in-app wallet, etc.

Pooling– The pooling feature allows the user to share his/her ride with other people. With the pooling feature, the user can have a cost-effective ride. Doesn’t this sound cool? Yes, it does.

Live vehicle tracking– The user can track the exact location of the taxi. Similarly, the driver can also follow the location of the user/passenger.

Estimated time of travel– Help your user to know the estimated time for the ride. With this feature, the user can plan his/her works accordingly.

Trip rate estimator– Once the user enters the source and destination, the trip rate estimator will calculate the ride’s fare.

Geofencing– Geofencing is more of a trigger that will alert the user if they tend to move out of the safe zone. This feature is devised to ensure the safety of the user.

Availability toggle– The driver can indicate whether he/she is available or not for the ride.

Flexible vehicle option– The user can select the vehicle type according to the vehicle’s number of passengers and rent.

Promo codes– You can offer promo codes for special occasions or for users who access your Gojek app regularly. This way, you can encourage the user’s affinity towards your application.

Ratings and reviews– We often learn from mistakes. Be it a good or bad comment, know what users feel about the service availed. The user can give ratings from 1 to 5.

Analytics– Analytics helps to know the in-app activities of the user. Analytics paves the way for personalized marketing and targeted emails.

Additional plugins that Add importance to the App:

We can pair up additional paid plugins according to your business requirements. They are

VOIP voice call– The VOIP calls can be made directly from the app. This feature will eliminate the need to share the personal contact information of the user/delivery person.

Corporate rides– You can agree with corporate companies and provide rides for their employees.

Kiosk booking app– Kiosk will unveil your service among tourists. Tourists can book your service from the hotels they stay at.

Track rides– The user’s ride can be tracked by their friends/family members with the tracking ID.

Airport charges– Make your taxi services available near airports so that users can book them right away. You can impose the taxi fare plus toll charges if applicable.

Blacklist fraud partners– The admin can remove any user/service provider from the app if they exhibit abnormal in-app activities.

Child seat preference– The option for child seats will be a welcoming one among new moms.

Book a taxi for others– The user can book the cab for his/her family members/friends by entering their contact details.

Newsletter subscription– The admin can send newsletters to inform users about the updates regarding your services.

The Revenue Model of the App falls under these Categories.

Promotional listingsAllow service providers to promote their offerings on your platform for a price. By doing so, their services will gain increased visibility among users and increase their revenue.

In-app advertising– Host advertisements of third parties on your platform. Integrate Google Ads and FashMob for running ads.

Commission fee– For every order that happens through your application, you will receive a percentage of commission from the service provider.

List of possible On-demand services that can be included in Gojek Clone Source Code.

  • Food delivery service
  • Plumbing service
  • Electrician service
  • Beauty parlor service
  • Housekeeping
  • Healthcare services
  • Alcohol delivery service
  • Marijuana delivery service
  • Flower delivery
  • Taxi services

Phases involved in the Gojek Clone App Development.

Phase 1: Requirement analysis- Reach a Gojek clone app developer and present your business requirements to the development team.

Phase 2: Design- The front-end development team will design the UI and white label the app.

Phase 3: Coding- The back-end development team will prepare a demo by implanting the features on to the ready made solution.

Phase 4: Testing- Then the app is sent to the QA team. The testers will check for the app’s functionality against various test cases. Once the app is bug-free, it is ready to deploy.

Phase 5: Deploy- The app will be released in all  major platforms and web servers.


We believe that all the above stated features will align with your business goals. Even if they don’t you can always customize the features and make your app distinct from the rest of the competitors. We wish all the best and hope to see you reach great heights.

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