Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

office cleaning

A clean office not only looks good but is productive as well. It is a bit difficult to keep an office space clean, especially when many employees share it. The working space can become easily disorganized and dirty. The kitchen and bathrooms are the areas that get dirty the most and should be cleaned throughout the day. An office or any other commercial property gets a lot of traffic. The employees come in daily, and you may have guests and clients visiting the office as well, which is why it is very important to keep it well maintained and clean. You can hire a cleaner to manage the office’s cleaning tasks, or you can hire a professional cleaning company for the job. But whatever option you choose, here are some tips and tricks you can use to keep your office clean.

1. Work from Top to Bottom

While cleaning an office, working from top to bottom is a perfect idea for thorough cleaning. While you start cleaning the office, any dust on the floor or tables will be wiped. But if you clean the ceiling fans after this, dust will again fall on the floors, leaving you frustrated. Therefore, clean the light fixtures and fans first and then move ahead.

2. Make sure you Have Cleaning Supplies  

The best practice in cleaning an office is making cleaning supplies available for every employee at their desks. Such cleaning supplies include simple microfiber cloths or wipes. This ensures regular cleaning whenever dust starts appearing on their workplace electronic devices. Although people think keeping cleaning supplies at the office is an extra expense, the results are worth it. Brooms, dusters, dishwashing liquid, microfiber clothes, wet wipes, and window cleaners should be readily available in offices. Furthermore, you must store all these items in one place, making them easier to locate when needed. If you give cleaning materials to your employees, they will use them, and the office will remain completely clean.

3. Keep Everything in Order

Keeping your office tidy and clean doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether your office is small or large, cleaning becomes much easier if you plan properly. Designate closets and work desks for each of your employees and ensure they use only their designated items. Also, ensure they store their belongings in order inside the drawers. This provides easy access and doesn’t let things pile up on each other. Declutter your office to make cleaning easier, and use paper trays to streamline bookshelves. This way, you can save important things. Keep office supplies like papers and files in a designated area. Also, provide a paper disposal area at one point so that your office doesn’t get cluttered with blank papers.

4. Maintain Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are mostly used in an office, making them ideal for becoming the home of dirt and grime. As they are widely used, they will attract dust, germs, and dirt, so it is necessary to clean them properly. First, gently you should wipe all the devices with screens. It is very easy as you don’t need special detergents to clean the screen. Use a soft cloth and put it in a water-soap solution or a glass cleaner. Scrub the screens gently and let them get dry. Similarly, use the same cloth on the surface of all the other electronic devices in your office.

5. Choose Eco-friendly Products

Environment protection is necessary these days, and as the head of an office, you should provide a healthy working environment for your employees. Switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products is one of the easiest changes your office might need. Removing harmful products from your office cleaning routine is important for the well-being of your employees.

6. Create a Daily Schedule and Checklist

Following a schedule or creating a cleaning checklist is very important to keep a workplace clean. By observing a regular cleaning and maintenance checklist, you will never be in a stressful situation. You’ll always be ahead of the game instead of waiting for things to fall apart to clean them up.

7. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Another way of keeping your office clean is finding a professional cleaning company and hiring them. When you write a cleaning checklist for a whole office, you will see it is a time taking task. Although it can be done, you must keep your employees busy with their tasks. Office cleaning services provided by professional cleaners are very affordable. Furthermore, since their staff is experienced and well-trained, they will clean your office within no time. Hence, you will have a lot of time to complete other tasks. 

Following the tips and tricks shared above is necessary for an organized and good cleaning job, especially when it comes to office spaces. So, don’t wait long; get your office clean and shiny as soon as possible.