NetSuite – Amazon Integration – The Winning Combination

amazon integration

With over 2.5 million active sellers, Amazon is the biggest, and possibly the best marketing place for global sellers. However, not all of the 2.5 million sellers are able to make fortunes over Amazon, right? In fact, if we dig a little deeper into the numbers, we see that merely around 30,000 of the 2.5 million sellers are able to earn over $ 1 million annually. Moving on, no more than around 250,000 sellers are able to generate upward of 100,000 annually on Amazon. Well, while these numbers may not be large enough, they surely do represent the massive potential of Amazon for online sellers. However, the key to successful operations for Amazon stores is to effectively manage store operations, while offering customers the best and most interactive user experience. I mean the biggest differentiator between Amazon and the ecommerce platform is the user-experience, because as per Jeff Bezos, “Amazon is the world’s most customer obsessive company”.

Nonetheless, when we are talking about successful operations on Amazon, sellers need a robust and comprehensive ERP system that can help them manage store operations efficiently without any chances of errors.

Enters NetSuite!

NetSuite is arguably one of the best and most comprehensive ERP systems. It’s a cloud-based ERP system that helps businesses to automate various business functions, as well as, create a seamless (two-way) data flow between multiple functions.

But do sellers need NetSuite ERP for Amazon stores?

Well, whether you need an ERP system or not is a complicated question, because various factors will influence the choice. However, since we are talking about Amazon sales, there’s definitely a bonus to integrate NetSuite ERP with the store. That’s because an ERP system doesn’t only relate to sales or marketing, rather it overtakes all major business functions like inventory management, ordering, shipment, fulfillment, customer information, and others. Thus effectively driving the customer experience of the store. 

Benefits of NetSuite ERP Integration with Amazon

Some potential benefits of NetSuite ERP integration with Amazon include; 

1. Stop losing sales                                                              

As said earlier, “customer experience” is the biggest differentiator between Amazon and other ecommerce stores, and that’s exactly what has made Amazon the biggest online selling platform. So, before you create a store on Amazon, make sure you have all the right arrangements in place to offer a streamlined user experience.

Most often, new startups often don’t realize the importance of ERP at the beginning since there’s not much to see in operations. However, as the business grows, it becomes difficult to manage daily operations. And often, when the store experience rapid growth they are unable to meet the expectations and thus, lose business opportunities. This means that integration of NetSuite ERP with Amazon store should start from the very beginning and not wait till the rapid growth stage.

This is also important since Amazon maintains a strict policy for user experience. Any negligence in user experience may lead to the store losing ranking, and subsequently losing sales. Thereby, when you are looking to keep up with your sales on Amazon, NetSuite ERP integration will certainly up your chances.

2. Quantify Profitability

Well, NetSuite ERP integration with Amazon store won’t just help you to maximize sales opportunities, but also assist you to quantify your sales in terms of profitability. Quantifying the profits is an important metric for businesses to have a clear idea about the sustainability and growth of the business, as well as, to plan the future course of action. The accounting modules in the NetSuite ERP streamlines the accounts function for the Amazon store, making sure that you are aware of the performance levels, as well as, any other potential leaking, which needs to be optimized.

3. Execute your plans

NetSuite ERP collects the key business data across all business functions in a structured manner. This data may then be used by business leaders to identify buying patterns of users and re-strategize the marketing campaigns more effectively. The advanced analytical tools offered by NetSuite ERP makes it easier for business leaders to analyze, and unveil key patterns for customers, and improve the overall efficiency of the store.

Advantages and benefits of amazon ERP system integration

NetSuite Woocommerce ERP system as one of the leading cloud-based ERP platform may prove to be the most precious asset for any Amazon seller. The platform not just improves the overall operations of the store, but also enable store owners to offer a better customer experience for branding purposes. The analytical tools offered by the ERP system helps Amazon sellers to create more personalized marketing campaigns, subsequently increasing the sales, and profitability of the store.

Some of the potential benefits of the NetSuite ERP system for Amazon sellers include;

  • Efficiency business operations
  • Streamlined flow of information between different business functions
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Improved reporting and analytics
  • Optimized customer service
  • Flexible modularity
  • Integrated inventory management
  • Scalability
  • Compliance with Amazon fulfillment order (FBA)


Well, there are possible no disadvantages of integrating ERP system to Amazon stores (apart from stores). In fact, with the right NetSuite Amazon integration partner, even small businesses can greatly benefit by optimizing their operations and offer a better customer experience. The key is to understand your Amazon store needs and choose the right integration partner for the connection.

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