Real Madrid Jersey 2023 – Everything You Need to Know!

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There is good news for Real Madrid fans and those who desperately wait for Real Madrid kits! Real Madrid just released its latest kit for 2023-24. This kit will be used for all the football tournaments in Real Madrid’s homeland (Spain). Here, you will learn about the Real Madrid Home Kit 2023, sponsor details, design, and spaces where you can buy original Real Madrid kits in India and the USA.

22/23 Real Madrid Home Kit

The latest kit features all the regular items that were included in the kit. These are as follows:

  1. The latest design of Real Madrid Jersey
  2. Football shorts
  3. Shin guards
  4. Socks
  5. Football shoes
  6. Strappings

Now, let us look at the brand involved in designing the latest Real Madrid Kit.

Sponsor of Real Madrid 2023-24

This year new Real Madrid jersey was designed by Adidas. The club celebrated 121 years of union between the club and its well-wishers. This jersey features a traditional white color along with navy blue and golden stripes on the sleeves and collar. This is special for them as they have incorporated the traditional phrase “Hala Madrid” on the collar of the jersey. The team “Hala Madrid” means “long live Madrid” or “praise to Madrid”. Some also consider the meaning of this term as “God save the Madrid”, which can also be found in the Real Madrid anthem.

The kit is similar to a Real Madrid white dragon jersey, it’s crafted with recycled material of boast HEAT.RDY technology with features of temperature regulation to keep players cool during long and intense matches,

Design Details of the Latest Real Madrid Home Jersey

The jersey contains a traditional white color and features the Emirates logo on the center of the jersey. The club logo stays on the right of the jersey and the Adidas logo is on the top left. Along with white color, it also features navy blue and golden strips on the lower side of sleeves, collar, and on the sides of the shoulders. Shorts and socks are also incorporated with traditional white color and golden stripes on the side. All the colors give a harmonious and sleek look to the players. 

How to Get an Original Real Madrid Jersey?

Real Madrid is one of the most iconic and successful football clubs in the world, with a massive global fan base. For fans in the USA and India, getting an original Real Madrid jersey can be an exciting way to show their support for the club. However, with the abundance of counterfeit jerseys in the market, it’s essential to know how to secure an authentic jersey. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to obtain a genuine Real Madrid jersey in the USA and India.

  1. Licensed Retailers – Look for licensed retailers in your region. These stores are authorized to sell official Real Madrid merchandise. They can be physical shops or online outlets. In the USA, well-known sports retailers like Soccer and Fanatics also offer a range of authentic Real Madrid jerseys. In India, you can check popular sports merchandise websites, such as Myntra, Fanaacs, Amazon, and Flipkart.
  2. Official Real Madrid Stores – Real Madrid has official stores worldwide and these are located in the USA and India. These stores offer a wide range of merchandise, including jerseys. In the USA, you can visit the Real Madrid store in Miami, Florida, or check for official pop-up stores during club events. In India, official Real Madrid merchandise is available in various sports outlets and online stores.
  3. Real Madrid’s Official Website – The club’s official website is a reliable source for purchasing authentic jerseys. They offer a variety of designs, from home to away jerseys, and you can personalize your jersey with a player’s name and number.
    Shipping options are available to both the USA and India, making it convenient for fans in these countries.
  4. Attend Matches and Events – If you’re lucky enough to attend a Real Madrid match or event, you can purchase official merchandise at the stadium or venue.
    In the USA, you can take advantage of Real Madrid’s pre-season tours, which occasionally include pop-up stores at match venues.
  5. Beware of Counterfeits – Counterfeit jerseys are widespread, especially in markets where demand is high. Be cautious when purchasing from unofficial sources or street vendors. Look for official holograms, tags, and unique identifiers on the jersey to ensure its authenticity.
  6. Join the Official Fan Club – Real Madrid has official fan clubs in various cities. Becoming a member can grant you access to exclusive merchandise and discounts on jerseys. Fan clubs often organize events and outings where you can purchase authentic jerseys at reasonable prices.
  7. Verify Seller Reputation – If you choose to buy from a lesser-known online retailer, research the seller’s reputation and read reviews to ensure they are trustworthy and authentic.

Wrap Up

Now it is time to wrap things up, let us take a look at some of the essential things you should remember before taking a leave.

  • Wait is over! Real Madrid has announced its new kit.
  • The new jersey is replenished with traditional white color with navy blue and golden stripes.

Make sure to buy a Real Madrid jersey from the official Real Madrid stores, licensed retailers, vendors, and Real Madrid’s official website.

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