The 10 Must-Have Food in India for Tourists

Food in India for Tourists

A diverse country like India has a lot to boast about the history, culture, tradition and food of the different states. As a tourist in India, you will find distinct cuisines in different states, each of them has a special food with unique style of cooking and exceptional taste. It is not just the cultural traditions that pass from generations to generations but also the influence of various rulers who ruled in the ancient years of India. From the British, Persian, French to Mughals, Portuguese and Turkish, Indian food has all the influences.

In this blog, we have mentioned the top must-try foods for tourists to try in India. Check out what items you need to taste on your next time to the diverse land and if you have already been here, see what you have missed.

Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is the favorite street food of Indians. It is a delicious combination of spicy chickpeas and large fried bread. Served with green chutney, onions and pickle alongside, it can be eaten anytime – breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Here comes the essence of Indian spices, the irresistible street food – Chaat. Chaat is a type of street food made with different ingredienst with one thing in common, the delicious taste. Try Aloo Chaat, Aloo Tikki, Bhelpuri and do not miss out the famous Golgappa. At some places, you might fear the unhygienic location or arrangement of the stall but there are some street food vendors who make it clean and hygienic. Try out this tasty food items in India on your next trip.

Makke di Roti & Sarson da Saag

It is the authentic Punjabi food best by Punjabis themselves. So, if your trip includes Punjab as one of the itinerary, this item is a must-try. Sarson da Saag is a vegetable curry prepared by spices and mustard leaves served along with Makke di Roti, flatbreads made of maize flour dough. A glass of yummy lassi (spicy or sweet buttermilk) to wash it down will make it a complete Punjabi meal.

Butter Chicken

Like pizza is to Italians, butter chicken is to the North Indians, especially Punjabis. It is a rich, thick gravy Chicken curry served with Naan, a kind of Indian flatbread. A chilled mug of beer will just make it a perfect evening.

Awadhi Kebabs

One of the classic Indian dishes is the Awadhi Kebabs of Lucknow. The city is known for its delectable cuisine – try the succulent Galouti and Kakori Kebabs. The oldest and most famous of all the varieties of Kebabs is Tunde-e-Kebab, said to be prepared using almost 160 spices.

Kashmiri Rista & Gushtaba

Kashmiri food is equally famous as its beautiful surroundings. When exploring heaven on earth in Kashmir, try the delicious mutton dishes, Gushtaba and Rista. Gushtaba is a mix of meatballs prepared in spices and yoghurt whereas Rista is a spicy meatballs dish cooked in spicy gravy.

Rajasthani Laal Maas

Rajasthan serves some of the best foods to try in India for tourists traveling from far off lands. The royal state boasts of delectable dishes like Ker Sangri, Gatte ki Sabzi, Satta ki Roti and many more. The food items are not limited to vegetarian but there are some scrumptious non-vegetarian foods as well like the Laal Maas, spicy mutton gravy served with butter roti or rice.

Khandvi & Dhokla

Like the Rajasthanis, the Gujaratis (people of Gujarat) are also known for their varieties of food and authenticity of taste. Dhokla & Khandvi are among the most popular Gujarati dishes tourists must eat when in the state. Dhokla is cooked by steaming a fermented batter of rice, spices and chickpeas. Khandvi is a snack prepared by rolling a mixture of gram flour and curd which is seasoned with sesame and mustard seeds. Both the dishes are healthy as no frying is involved. Served with tamarind and green chutney, this is the favorite food of Gujarat.     

Macher Paturi

Moving towards West Bengal, the Bengalis are also no less foodie when it comes to their authentic Bengali food. They prepare fish is various different wand one of the popular fish dishes is Macher Paturi, a dish where the fish is marinated in a paste of mustard and put to steam covered in banana leaves.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabad, the City of Nawabs is famous for its rich Mughal food, mainly Biryani. In India, you will find several versions of Biryani at homes but there’s no comparison if Hyderabadi Biryani. During Mughal rule in South India, their cuisine got place in the kitchen of the Nizams, today famously called Hyderabadi Biryani. Mainly prepared with lamb, but the vegetarian and chicken versions are also popular.

These are the best food items to try in India. If your food lover then you shouldn’t miss these delicious items. If you have plan to visit India then book cheap flights and explore.

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