Multinational Companies and their Success in the World

Multinational Companies and their Success in the World

Multinational companies are companies that, in many cases, are known to a large number of people. For many entrepreneurs just starting in the business world, the examples of such firms allow them to question and learn more about the facts that have led them to become global.

What are multinational companies?

The definition of multinational companies is: they are all those companies that, in addition to having a presence in their country of origin and where it was first established, are also located in other territories. Multinationals are characterized by operations that do not necessarily carry out the same activity, although they often do so. One example is Novartis, a multinational pharmaceutical company that does not produce the same medicines worldwide.

Characteristics of multinational companies

  • They are companies that have a presence throughout the country where they reach
  • They set up factories and offices in that nation to produce large quantities of a particular good or service demanded by customers.
  • They are eager with technology, with improvements in marketing strategies, advertising, and industrial organization.
  • They have a particular focus on their R&D (Research and Development) department to keep their customers satisfied with improved products.

Examples of major multinational companies

Most multinational companies come from the USA, with a total of 140 firms. It is followed by Japan, with 68 companies and France, with 40 companies.

Two of the most important in the world are:

  • Coca-Cola: from the United States. This beverage firm has a presence in more than 200 countries, and its logo is recognized by 94% of the world’s population.
  • McDonald’s: from the United States. It follows Coca-Cola closely, as it is in 117 nations and its fast-food products are one of the most popular in the world.
  • Avianca and LAN: they are two of the essential Latin multinationals. These two airlines – one Colombian and the other Chilean – have expanded operations and acquired airlines from other countries to offer their services.
  • Bimbo: the Mexican bakery products company has a presence in 17 countries, and its success has based on the quality and presentation of new items.

Multinational companies in Argentina

Some of these companies mentioned above also have a presence in Argentina. One of them is McDonald’s, which currently has 186 locations in the country. Recently, the company launched an advertising campaign to explain that the origin of the meat used for burgers comes from local cattle.

Other multinationals hosted in the country are:

  • Burger King
  • Accenture
  • CEVA (Animal Health)
  • IBM
  • Starbucks
  • Peugeot Citroen

Argentine multinational companies

In contrast to the above, Argentina also has its share of multinational companies. Large companies have a lot of money in external assets, and that most of their businesses concentrated on this single company.

Argentine multinational companies are mainly found in the metallurgical, engineering, and energy sectors. These are:

  • Techint
  • Arcor
  • Bagó
  • Rio de la Plata Mills
  • Cresud
  • Asa Group
  • Sancor

The success of multinational companies for SMEs

Entrepreneurs looking to expand nationally and internationally are always behind the question: how can I get my small manazil real estate business to grow?

There are several strategies that the greats carry out and that those who are just beginning should be minded from the beginning:

Marketing plan: If you are already satisfied with the number of customers you have and your product has been well received by that number of consumers, consider reaching even more people. For this, you need to look for new marketing strategies that can target a larger audience.

Working climate: One of the most sensitive cases is how to manage both the internal working environment and customer service. Remember that other people’s opinions of your product can cause more people to approach or stay away from it. For your company to grow without this obstacle, the working climate must be part of a programme that must ned to go hand to hand with the expansion of your company.

Research, develop: Do not stay in a static position with your product or service. Always look to innovate and deliver a better item to both your current and potential customers. As you progress in this area, more people will be drawn to what you have to offer.

Multinational companies are a great example for entrepreneurs and CPEC investors, who know about the advantages these companies can bring them.

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