Why it is important to Moisturize your Baby Delicate Skin?

baby delicate skin

Newborn baby’s skin is more soft, thin and delicate so it needs extra care and attention. In the very early months, the immune system of the baby develops and you have to provide the best cleansers and baby lotions that contain tear-free formula and they should be mild. Mild baby products are best as they are chemical-free and they do not harm your baby skin. Baby skin is sensitive and it may be easily attacked by germs, harmful bacteria, skin diseases like eczema and other toxins in the air so it demands some extra care and time.

Your baby needs 100 % organic and mild products that are free from chemicals, dyes and artificial fragrances. You should take care of the following things while shopping for skin and hair care products for your baby.

  1. Read product label carefully: The products that contains dyes, chemicals, parabens, colorants and other inorganic additives can irritate and dry baby skin so you need to read labels and ingredients while buying any baby product. Make sure that shampoo and baby hair conditioner contains no tear formula so it won’t hurt baby eyes. 
  2. Try finding the products with natural and herbal ingredients like honey. The products with essential oil extracts are best to mineralize your baby’s skin. 
  3. Don’t get confused about the label “Hypoallergenic” it only means that product is less likely to cause allergies, but it may be not gentler on the skin. 
  4. Search for the phthalate, SLS and parabens free products because chemicals are harmful to babies. 

Steps to take care of the moisturizing and bathing routine of your baby:

  • Change bathing routine of your baby
  • Get aware of your baby’s skin type
  • Moisture baby skin with mild baby lotion

Change Bathing Routine of your Baby:

Water is effective to clean baby skin but it may also removes protective and natural oils from your baby skin. If you’re more often bath your baby skin, the chance of developing dry skin problem may increase as well. This problem can be fixed if you will use emollient mineral oil on your baby skin and keep their skin moisturized by any best baby lotion after bath. These steps will help to restore the waterproof quality of your baby skin that can help to protect your baby against skin dryness problem. You can WBM Baby care mineral oil that is rich with all natural ingredients and it is free from parabens, mineral oil and colorants. It contain the blend of some essential oil that includes sunflower oil, jojoba oil, olive and wheat germ oil. It will leave your little one skin soft and silky. 


Moisture Baby Skin with Mild Baby Lotion:

Try to use soft water while bathing your baby because hard water is full of minerals and it makes pH of your water more alkaline. As the baby skin pH is acidic and when it is influenced by alkaline water, it will leave your infant skin dry, irritated and itchy. Hard water may also increase the chance of eczema so if you are living in hard water area we recommend you to use best baby lotion after bath. Try using WBM mild baby lotion, as it is imposed of vital nutrients, honey and wheat germ essential oil. It is ultra-gentle on your baby skin and it provides deep protection and nourishment. 

Get Aware of your Baby’s Skin Type:

Not all dryness is caused by bathing always. It may possible that nature of your baby skin is dry, it is more likely if dry skin runs in your family. You have to get aware of your baby skin type as it is best to apply barrier cream after bathing depending on the dryness on your baby skin. We recommend you to apply baby face cream if your baby has dry skin problems to maintain soft and moisturizing texture. WBM honey baby cream is extra moisturizing and it is specifically designed for the comfort of baby. You can find these mild baby products at amazon or wbm-international official website. 

We understand that choosing the best baby skin care product is not that easy. But we hope these recommendations will help to take care of your baby skin easily.

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