What is a Merchant Solutions Provider

Merchant Solutions Provider

When you start your own business, things can get complicated and difficult as there are many things to think about for example taking your business out to market and developing your image. Considering advertising and much more, you need to think about transaction fees which lead you to think about your merchant solutions and merchant solution provider.

When you will be constructing your business, you will come across a very common term which is a merchant solution provider, and merchant services. Merchant solution providers can help you with your payment processing. 

Merchant Services:

A merchant is an individual who is associated with business or trade. Basically, a business owner who trades any services or products. And the hardware and software solutions that help the business owner with his payment transactions are merchant services. 

Following are some of the solutions that a MSP provides:

  • Credit card terminals
  • Merchant accounts
  • Point of sale systems
  • Mobile payment systems
  • Virtual terminal
  • Payment gateway, etc.

What is a Merchant Service Provider?

The payment card industry has defined service providers as:

“Business companies that are not an installment brand, which is included in the processing, stockpiling, or transmission of cardholder information for the benefit of another organization. This additionally incorporates organizations that offer types of assistance that control or could affect the security of cardholder information are service providers.”

A payless merchant solution  is an organization that gives you all the tools you need to deal with your transactions. It is a very important partner that assists you when developing your business. A MSP is liable for many things like:

  • Receiving payments through debit and credit card
  • Electronic payment considering consistent transactions
  • Making the client’s information safe
  • Providing technology or electronics through which you can receive payments, etc. 

They function between the organization, bank, and the individual where the organization wants profits and the individuals are hoping to buy products. It provides businesses and people with necessities for electronic payment and transactions. 

Types of Merchant Solutions Providers:

There are many different MSP’s in the field. Many companies out there offer solutions to small and large companies.  

Given down are the three most common types of MSP’s:

Payment Gateway Providers:

Payment gateways permits to receive payments through MasterCard’s like credit and debit cards by joining payment processors like the service that is charging the card and account suppliers which is the service giving the payment systems. 

These are the payment services that cycle the payments of credit cards through any e-commerce website or face to face through a credit card terminal. And they charge extra fees when providing their services. 

Payment Service Providers:

A payment gateway service provider is also known as PSP. It is an outsider organization that helps different businesses to accept a wide scope of online payment strategies, which can be internet banking, Master Cards including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, cash cards, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. They guarantee that the client’s transactions make it from one place to another very safe and secure.

Merchant Account Providers:

This is the most common service that MSP’s provide. Master cards have turned into a very favored strategy that is used for payments in the present market, making these accounts important for many organizations out there. 

Merchant account providers give the organizations out there to accept credit and debit cards in exchange for products and services that they buy which can be through phone, internet, or face to face. 

Requirements for a Merchant Solutions Provider:

Every merchant service provider is very different from another one because each provider has its own exceptional mix of services and products that they offer to the businesses. And every business has a different goal, objective, and features. 

Depending on these features and objectives the business owners try to pick the MSP that is best for them. Having a good MSP is very important for the growth of a business. 

It may be hard to figure out what you truly need. And given down are some points that you should consider when choosing your MSP:


Security is one of the most important features that should be considered while choosing your MSP. A business owner should know about how the MSP will be keeping the transactions secure and how simple it would be to get your cash and manage if any difficulties arise. 


When you are thinking about a MSP, you should always check its reviews. People leave positive and negative reviews if it was working for them or were they regretting choosing it, how other organizations reacted to the service, or has it gained notoriety for client support. And those reviews will help you a lot with the confusion in your mind regarding the MSP. 


You can look through their features on what, how, and if they are providing different and more features for you. You can see if with help of that particular MSP you will be able to open any kind of additional element for your business or if they have any devices for following your sales, or have different payment gateway options. 

Comfort and Convenience:

Your comfort, ease, and convenience should be your very first priority. You should check if the provider makes you feel confident when you are utilizing their technology and if you can take full advantage of their services.


A business owner considers the expenses the most because he already has a lot of burden on himself with all the other expenses of his business. Every MSP has a different fee and pricing structure. While considering what MSP is best for you, you should consider the membership charges, the additional charges of trade, and the level rate expenses. 

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