Measure the Influence of Traditional & Digital Marketing

Traditional Digital Marketing

Traditional media and Digital media both deal with the similar purpose of spreading information and keeping the audience up to date about the current scenarios but their audience is not the same. Almost whole educated community across the globe prefers digital media because, of course, it is more effective than traditional. In the contemporary era, the world has become digitalized, everyone seeks digital assistance in almost every affair of life. So this context is the main reason behind the great influence of digital media on the minds of people. The same goes with the case of marketing. 

The basic distinction between traditional and digital marketing is the medium used to execute information. Due to the availability of smartphones and androids for all, everyone wants single-click information but traditional marketing is failed to obtain this target. The mediums that traditional marketing use to educate its audience are:

  • Billboards
  • Pamphlets
  • Prospectuses
  • Flyers
  • Books
  • Print media, i.e. newspapers and magazines

Although these mediums were once the only source of getting informed and used on a large scale for awareness and advertisement; no one is interested in these sources that have reduced the worth of traditional media as well as traditional marketing. Traditional strategies were limited and followed a fixed pattern of creativity, so it does make sense that how much information a single board can contain or a few pages of newspapers or prospectus can comprise? Not so much. Digital marketing has broken this limit and introduced an infinite approach to information and out-of-the-box ideas and creativity. 

Digital Marketing Platforms

The infinity of digital media facilitates people to have free roam over the internet and access whatever they want. Digital marketing also covers a vast space in terms of sources. It uses the following platforms:

Social Media Sources:

Marketers widely use social media for their advertising campaigns as social platforms are open to the public. People of all ages are influenced by social media and love to use social applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, Instagram, etc. These platforms give the same prestige to all small and big businesses. Advertisement between the entertaining videos and grab the audience through interesting games all are the techniques used to run e-commerce through social media. Even click-bate videos on Youtube also are included in a digital marketing strategy. 


Business websites are all around even if a student takes help from the internet for his assignments, the websites he uses are also part of online business. Creating a website for digital marketing is so common but increasing its traffic and ranking it higher is not so easy. Digital marketers enrich their websites with colors and comprehensive content so that it can be useful for common people and make them visit and stay connected with the website.


The major purpose of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia is to give the most authentic and accurate information but it is now also used by marketers to educate people about their business. It has become in the digital world of business to create a Wikipedia page and use it as a bandwagon strategy. As Wikipedia is what google recommends in the top search results, so marketers avail its worth to spread their business across the globe.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

The digital market through its above-mentioned platforms gathers a number of benefits. Even for small start-up businesses who don’t have an offline audience and enough budget for traditional advertisement, digital marketing appears the be the savior. Some of its benefits are:

Increase your Reach

Digital marketing and its tactics with colors, creativity, and concerns focus upon the people’s interests. Due to the online feasibility, it covers a large audience from all over the world as compared to the traditional ways that cover only the nearby audience.

Less expensive and more influential:

If you follow traditional ways to expand your business, it takes a huge investment in billboards, publishing advertisements in newspapers and magazines but digital marketing saves you from all these expenses by gathering all the brand-awareness onto a digital screen.


It helps you judge your comparability in your industry with the help of your audience response and online viewership so that you can make yourself competent and strong.

Wrap up

This all concludes that digital marketing has no comparison with traditional marketing in any means, either measure its influence or worth, digital marketing is all above.

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