Study MBBS In The Philippines And Grab These Amazing Opportunities


The best education is a must for your child. Therefore, if you send your child abroad, you always make sure that this should be the best place for your child. So your surprise, you can choose the Philippines – one of the best countries in the world. Also, the country issues quality education for all its students. Therefore, the MBBS students are in the easements. 

Parents choose this country because Studying MBBS in the Philippines has fewer fees and the best teaching staff. Also, only eligibility criteria are there for international and Indian students. Such as 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with HSC passed mark sheets. 

Following are the benefits of studying MBBS in the Philippines.

  • Candidates can get secured accommodation at a reasonable price.
  • Modern new techniques of teaching with proper guidance. 
  • Upper-level quality education with world-class convenience services is possible in the Philippines.
  • Education in the English language is available. 

Opportunities for MBBS students

Apart from the Georgian National University Rankings, MBBS students can get job opportunities in English-speaking countries. In addition to this, the following are the opportunities they will get after doing an MBBS from the Philippines.

  1. Philippines medical colleges have worldwide recognition. Therefore, the students can practice in any country depending on their choices. 
  2. The students can get employment opportunities in various countries where English is spoken widely. 
  3. Along with this, you can get a postgraduate degree course and a hospital management degree course. 
  4. You can do the clinical practices and clinical research work after the MBBS course in the Philippines. 
  5. A student can start working in the Philippines by acquiring the license examination after completing MBBS or MD studies.
  6. Likewise, the students can do their masters in public health, health services, etc., of the medical stream in the same country. Or they can do it in their home countries and any other international country as per their choices.
  7. Indian students can return and start practicing or working in India by clearing the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examinations) by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Thus, even in India, the doors are open for MBBS students. 
  8. Georgian National University Rankings are good in giving job securities to its students. But, most students select the USA and UK along with India for their future practices and works. 
  9. The USA needs a certificate from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (FCFMG) & the United States Medical Licensing Examination to allow students to practice and work.
  10. Apart from the above countries, Filipino MBBS students can select Australia and Canada for their further master’s degree courses together with practice & job offers. But, they have to clear the Australian and Canadian medical council licensing and other relevant examinations. 


As the Philippines education is based on US standards, it can give you various opportunities for practicing and working. Therefore, the blog is valuable for those students who are planning to do MBBS from the Philippines. Also, we have mentioned a few advantages of the Philippines MBBS colleges in this blog that will help you make your decision.

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